Edah News

Summer 2016, Week 1

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This summer, we're continuing Conversation Starters
(bolded in each section of Edah News). The questions are intended to
provide a prompt for your camper(s) to share about their week.  


Koachvim kicked off Kayitz 2016 with tons of ruach (spirit)! Our chanichim (campers) learned Kochavim cheers and have all started to invent bunk cheers. Can you hear them at home? We begin each morning tefillot on our "kef (fun) deck." Then we're off to fun-filled activities including morning instructional swim followed by low ropes, sports, yoga, baking chocolate chip cookies in bishul (cooking), and making self-portratis in omanut (arts and crafts) and, of course, more swimming in the afternoon. Throughout the day, campers are having a tutim (sweet) time getting to know their bunkmates and counselors. We are so excited for another action-packed week. Click here to read the entire Kochavim Khronicle.  


Shorashim is off to a tutim ("sweet") start! We welcomed our chanichim (campers) on Monday and jumped right into our activities. We've been playing sports, making new friends, swimming, and loving our music and movement time with Amichai "The Music Guy." We are excited about our new activities at camp including Makers and Fitness. We've been building edah unity by learning our special Shorashim cheers, which can be heard throughout the day. Our Shorashim theme this year is world countries. Ask your children which country their bunk represents. We've already begun learning our Zimriyah songs, and they're definitely tutim! We are excited for a fun and memorable summer of discovery and growth with your children. Shabbat Shalom from all of us in Shorashim!


We had a tutim (sweet) first week in Nitzanim! We got to know our chanichim (campers) through several interactive games, including "ha ruach noshevet" ("a great wind blows"). Campers kept active and busy this week at migdal (high ropes) and avodat etz (woodworking), two areas in camp for campers in Nitzanim and older. We also enjoyed our time at the breicha (pool) and danced on the migrash. Nitzanim campers have loved learning all of the fun Nitzanim cheers. Ask your children to do "chikee-kee-ko-ko," a cheer that has its origins with the Israeli Scouts. Our theme in Nitzanim this summer is creation. All of our bunk names connect to this theme and we will incorporate it into our special days this summer, our tefillot, and other projects and activities. We look forward to a tutim summer of fun, learning, and growth with your children. Happy Fourth of July and Shabbat Shalom! 


Solelim started off the summer strong as the biggest edah in camp! On the first day of camp we danced right off the buses and then onto the migrash (main lawn) for even more dancing. Later, each bunk had a special peulat tzrif (bunk activity) to work on building relationships and getting to know each other. Then we jumped right into a regular camp schedule and tried out all of the activities including makers, robotics, soccer, ma'ayan (beading), and omanut (arts and crafts). Swimming in the new pools was a real treat! On Tuesday we picked bechirot (electives) and started them on Thursday. It was so awesome picking our own activities! Ask your child which bechira he/she selected. Shiur also started this week, which is our period of Jewish learning. The chanichim (campers) were able to choose which shiur they wanted to be a part of. We are already looking forward to Zimriyah because our songs sound so beautiful when we sing as one edah. We are thrilled to get to know your children this summer. We look forward to great fun and growth and a summer that is totally tutim (sweet). Shabbat Shalom from Solelim!


Kayitz 2016 is off to a tutim (sweet) start! In Tzeirim, we had a great time getting to know our fellow bunkmates and counselors. We jumped right into a wide array of activities at camp including soccer, bishul (cooking), omanut (arts and crafts), migdal (ropes course), and lots of pool time. We loved being able to choose our own bechirot (electives) and got to choose from so many tutim activities like ceramics, robotics, and so much more! Today as we celebrated July4th, our chanichim (campers) dressed in red, white, and blue with lots of pride. We capped off the day today with a silly and fun camp-wide Simon Sez game with professional Simon Sez caller Steve Max. We're learning some super fun Tzeirim cheers--ask your camper to share them! We're looking foward to a wonderful summer of fun, excitement, and growth with your children. Wishing you all a Shabbat Shalom from Tzeirim!


We're off to a great start in Nevonim, and that's because we are the best edah--HOOAH! Funky Freedom Friday helped us kick off Kayitz 2016 with a creative flair. Our zany looks turned many heads around camp! We chose our bechirot (electives) and jumped right into our many activities--ceramics, etz (woodworking), tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, migdal (high ropes course), and much more. What bechira did you camper choose? We also started learning our Zimriyah songs and they are tutim (sweet)! A special highlight of Nevonim is that the chanichim (campers) have the opportunity to read Torah for the first time. To begin the children's journey of Torah learning, and in keeping with long-standing Nevonim tradition, we opened a Torah scroll around our campers so they were literally wrapped in the words of the Torah. In another beautiful Nevonim tradition, chanichim added their handprints to the cover for our amud, the table where we read the Torah from. The amud cover is a beautiful heirloom that stays with Nevonim from year to year. We have been so thrilled to get to know your children and we look forward to a tutim summer of growth and lots of fun! Shabbat Shalom. 


Chalutzim we are excited to welcome our chanichim (campers)! We had a great time getting to know each other and our counselors this week and have already begun building strong connections in our edah. We had a blast playing a big game of human bingo, and we learned our Chalutzim cheer. Chanichim picked their bechirot (electives), some of which include dance, sports, video, drama, and art. What bechira did your camper select? On Wednesday we had our first yom: Yom Matzlemah (camera). We had a photo scavenger hunt throughout camp. A special peulah (activity) we enjoyed this week was the introduction of our educational theme of the summer: chagim (holidays.) It's been a tutim (sweet) first week and we can't wait to greet your children on Tuesday. Shabbat Shalom and have a safe and fun Fourth of July from Chalutzim! 


Bogrim was overjoyed to welcome both new and returning chanichim (campers) to camp this week. We jumped right in with some fun icebreakers and activities designed to create unity and cohesiveness in our edah (division). We've had a tutim (sweet) week in sports, swimming, daily tefillah, robotics, omanut (arts and crafts), migdal (ropes), and migrash dancing. On Thursday we kicked off our "Betea-BOG" mitzvah theme for the summer. Together as an edah, we will engage in peulot (activities) centered around the theme of hunger and food justice. We began the day with a Chopped-style peulah where chanichim created a meal out of certain ingredients, each group receiving different ingredients to represent different socioeconomic levels. What did you camper cook in the "Chopped-style" peulah? We then began to plan our garden where we will cultivate edible plants to donate, and discussed the idea of food waste and respecting the work it takes to create our food. We can't wait for next week with your children as we continue our "Betea-BOG" summer. Shabbat Shalom from Bogrim!