Edah News

Summer 2016, Week 2

Kochavim | Shorashim | Nitzanim | Solelim
Tzeirim | Nevonim | Chalutzim | Bogrim

Conversation Starters (bolded in each section of Edah News)
are questions intended to provide a prompt
for your camper(s) to share about their week. Enjoy!  


Kochavim is busy with so many tutim (sweet) activities and programs! We stayed active this week in schiya (swim), sports, omanut (arts and crafts), and more! Campers have loved dancing on the migrash, running around the playground, and building incredible creations at makers. This week we celebrated Yom Yisrael and learned so much about Eretz Yisrael! Click here to read the entire Kochavim Khronicle.   


Everything is tutim in Shorashim! Bishul, omanut, soccer, baseball, swimming, practicing for Zimriyah--we did it all! Extra swimming and playing on the inflatable water slides was a highlight of the week on Yom Cham. We celebrated Yom Yisrael on Thursday with a focus on water in Israel. We noticed how few water sources there are in Israel and we discussed how many of those sources are salty and difficult to use. The children learned that Har Harmon in the north is actually a water source. The children in each bunk collaborated to build a Lego mountain and then watched as ice melted and the water flowed into the map of Israel! Later, the bunks created a water pipeline out of various materials, conducted an experiment adding different quantities of salt into water to simulate various bodies of water in Israel, and then relaxed at  "Yam HaMelach." Shorashim extended Yom Yisrael into Friday as we got to know our shlichim (Israeli staff) better by interviewing them as part of our Shabbat celebrations. Ask your child to tell you about the shaliach she or he interviewed. We are so excited that they are here to share their love of Israel with us! We've created a closed Facebook group for Shorashim to post pictures from the week. To join the group, simply log onto Facebook and in the top search bar type "Shorashim Nyack 2016." Once you've located the group, click "join group" and you will be approved by a group administrator. Shabbat Shalom to all from Shorashim!  


Nitzanim had another tutim week! A definite highlight was Yom Yisrael. We learned about different cities in Israel and experienced our very own "shuk," just like Machaneh Yehuda in Jerusalem! Ask your child which city s/he most wants to visit! We also had the opportunity to learn about life in the IDF from our very own mishlachat (Israeli staff). We tried some authentic training drills and teambuilding activities. In addition to Yom Yisrael, we've had lots of fun learning our Zimriyah  songs. We sing them during lunch and even dance to them in the pool! Of course, Yom Cham was also a big hit! We had extra pool time and had so much fun splashing around in the sprinklers and on the inflatable water slides. We started some new projects during tefillah. Campers began learning about some of our daily prayers and began making their own siddurim. They're excited to show you the final project. Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom! 


The second week of camp for Solelim was tutim! Yom Yisrael was a definite highlight of the week. One of our Yom Yisrael peulot (activities) included practicing our navigational skills. In partners, we had one camper blindfolded while another camper instructed him or her on how to get through an obstacle course as if s/he was using the familiar Waze app--Israeli technology! We also enjoyed rotating through different stations learning all about Israel. Ask your child about the Yom Yisrael stations. One special station included one of our own Israeli counselors talking about his experience in the IDF. We also enjoyed our musical tefillah with Amichai "The Music Guy" this week, and in tefillot, each bunk now takes turns leading tefillot and sharing a new tefillah, tune, or hand motion with the entire edah. Solelim has been active at the pool, in sports, and in our bechirot (electives). Zimriyah practice has been lots of fun and we've been singing our songs everywhere in camp! We can't wait to sing for you next week at Zimriyah. Have a wonderful Shabbat! 


We had a Tzeirim tutim week! Baking, running, jumping, climbing, swimming, creating, yoga, robotics, and more! We took advantage of the cham (hot) weather with extra swims and fun on the inflatable water slides. On Thursday, we celebrated Yom Yisrael! We navigated through Israel using the Waze app, which was created in Israel! We also wrote letters to the Michael Levin Lone Soldiers project and listened to stories of heroic Israeli soldiers. We ended the week with Funky Friday and could be seen throughout camp wearing funky and colorful clothing. During our Tzeirim Oneg Shabbat, we discussed what Shabbat means to us and the traditions our families practice during Shabbat. What did your camper say is his or her favorite Shabbat tradition? We are excited for Zimriyah next week and have been practicing our songs! Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom!


Nevonim had another TUTIM week! Wednesday was our first yom meyuchad, Yom Atid (future day). During tefillot, each camper received a card with a peace sign and wrote on it  hopes for the future and ways they'd like to make the world a better place. These signs are now hung on our deck and will be there for us to draw inspiration from during the remainder of the summer! Then we went on a mission throughout camp to repair a time machine! Chanichim participated in a relay race in which they received pieces to repair the time machine as they completed tasks. In robotics (new to camp this summer), we used unusual materials (including a potato!) to learn about conducting electricity. Addressing our concern for pollution, we painted recycling bins to be placed around camp. But the fun didn't stop there--we enjoyed Yom Cham by cooling off in the pools and on the inflatable water slides. Later in the day, each camper made a time capsule to be opened in 10 years. They included beautiful photography portraits, information about their 2016-self (age, height, interests), and  letters to read to themselves in the future. Did you see your child's photograph? Our final peulah was a "Shark Tank" activity to help solve a problem facing the world including the melting polar ice caps, species extinction, and world hunger. On Thursday, we celebrated Yom Yisrael! Our schlichim (Israeli staff) planned amazing activities which included learning about the IDF, water conservation systems in Israel, and exploring the Israel trail on our very own, new-this-summer, Shvil Ramah. On Thursday during tefillot, the first set of campers read from the Torah! It was an incredible experience, and we look forward to continuing this long-standing Nevonim tradition every Thursday for the rest of the summer. The chanichim have started to grow as a united Nevonim team. It has been a pleasure to see the campers include each other in sports, invite others to be in their swim groups, and make sure that everyone else is having a tutim day. To see pictures of what Nevonim is doing throughout the week, please join our closed Facebook group by searching "Nevonim Nyack 2016" and your request will be accepted within one camp day. Shabbat Shalom!  


Chalutzim had a tutim second week of camp! We have been active this week in soccer, volleyball, swim, arts and crafts, baseball, woodworking, and much more. We had a spectacular Yom Cham enjoying inflatable water slides and extra time in the pool. We have been hard at work practicing our two truly tutim Zimriyah songs, which we are so excited to share with you next week! In addition to all of the fun we've been having with our edah, we have also gotten to know new faces in our bechira (elective) options. On Thursday, we joined all of camp in celebrating Yom Yisrael. We had some very special peulot (activities) including a game of capture the Kotel (a variation of capture the flag) where chanichim learned about the Six Day War and our mishlachat (Israeli staff) presented to the edah about their experiences serving in the IDF. On Friday, Chalutzim went bowling to raise money for tzedakah based on how many pins we knocked down. Thank you for all your contributions! Ask your child how much money they raised! We’ve created a closed Facebook group for our edah and Chalutzim to post pictures from the week. To join the group, simply log onto Facebook and in the top search bar type “Chalutzim & Bogrim Nyack 2016.” Once you’ve located the group, click “join group” and you will be approved by a group administrator. Shabbat Shalom from Chalutzim!    


Bogrim's second week of camp was tutim! We stayed cool during this extra hot week in the pools and on the inflatable water slides. A big highlight of the week, of course, was Yom Yisrael. We played a fun "Amazing Race" style game that had us running around camp to complete challenges, and we received a clue after completing each challenge. Some of the challenges included translating a popular song into Hebrew and performing it, answering Israel trivia questions, and matching Israeli cities and their landmarks. We stayed cool during the day with pool relay races and a game of pool newcomb. Another special part of Yom Yisrael was when counselors and campers alike shared what Israel means to us. A common theme expressed was that Israel is more than just a place for Jews, it is home. It was a wonderful day! Another special part of our week was hearing from Shorashim counselor, Val Weisler, founder and CEO of The Validation Project, which teams teens with mentors and creates a "kindness curriculum" to battle bullying. Val shared what inspired her work and taught us about anti-bullying. It was incredible to learn that Val is the recipient of a Diller Teen Tikkun Olam Award for her work. We capped off the week with Funky Friday, with Bogrim dressed in wacky and mismatched styles. It was truly tutim! We’ve created a closed Facebook group for our edah and Chalutzim to post pictures from the week. To join the group, simply log onto Facebook and in the top search bar type “Chalutzim & Bogrim Nyack 2016.” Once you’ve located the group, click “join group” and you will be approved by a group administrator. Shabbat Shalom from Bogrim!