Edah News

Summer 2016, Week 4

Kochavim | Shorashim | Nitzanim | Solelim
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Conversation Starters (bolded in each section of Edah News)
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for your camper(s) to share about their week. Enjoy!  


We have had such a tutim week in Kochavim! The final week of first session was jam packed with sports, migrash dancing, an incredible Yom Adom, and an amazing Yom Tiyul (trip day). This week started off with tefillot led by the one and only Amichai the Music Guy! Kochavim loves to sing and dance with Amichai and we are so happy to welcome him to Beit Kochavim every week. Our musical tefillot always starts our days on the right note. Ask you children about the hand motions we've been learning for the Shema! Click here to read the entire Kochavim Khronicle.  


Shorashim’s week was totally tutim! It has been wonderful watching our chanichim gain confidence and excel in so many areas of camp since we met on the migrash four weeks ago: passing swim tests, finishing projects in omanut, learning new brachot in tefillah, dancing on the migrash, and so much more. A highlight of our week was Yom Mesaviv L'olam (Around the World Day). In keeping with Shorashim's theme of the summer (countries around the world), we had several peulot (activities) learning about difrerent nations. Each bunk represented a country for the day, and chanichim dressed in the colors of that country. Other peulot included a mini-Olympics, a play about Nyack campers going on a trip around the world (including a virtual map showing where they were traveling), and participating in a World’s Fair! The chanichim visited different countries at the fair learning something new at each stop. They wrote their names in Japanese, decorated tea cups in the United Kingdom, made windmills in Holland, tasted maple syrup in Canada, played a matching game of animals native to Australia, and played a word game using newly acquired French words while visiting France. Ask your child what s/he learned about his/her country. Another highlight of our week was trip day, of course! We began the day at camp with swim and tie-dye, and then headed to LEGOLAND Discovery Center where we built, explored, and played. We enjoyed exciting rides, performed karaoke, and watched a 4-D movie! Two tutim activities at LEGOLAND were racing cars we constructed with Legos, and building a Lego structure that could withstand an earthquake! When we returned to camp for our "undernight," we enjoyed dinner and a concert by special musical guest, Josh Warshawsky. The chanichim felt extra special about getting to stay late at camp. Did you see the pictures we posted on our Facebook group? We’ve created a closed Facebook group for our edah to post pictures from the week. To join the group, simply log onto Facebook and in the top search bar type “Shorashim Nyack 2016.” Once you’ve located the group, click “join group” and you will be approved by a group administrator. If you do not have a Facebook account you can still join by requesting access! We say l'hitraot today to our first session campers. We hope the rest of your summer is wonderful! On Monday we will say bruchim habaim (welcome) to our second session friends. We can't wait to meet you! Shabbat Shalom! 


We kicked off our tutim week with bunk yoms, as well as a Yom Cham! Dressed as superheros, pirates, beachgoers, tourists, flowers, sea creatures, Olympians, symbols of Shabbat, and more, we stayed cool and had kef (fun) with extra swim. Gaga, mini-golf, gymnastics, basketball, soccer, tennis, baseball, and yoga keep Nitzanimers active all week long. Wednesday we were treated to special musical guest, Josh Warshawsky, who joined us for tefillot. Josh, a longtime Ramahnik and music specialist, taught us two new tunes for the brachot we are learning. Trip day was a highlight of our week! After tefillot, we headed to New City Bowl and then to BounceU for climbing, jumping, running, and fun. We kept up the kef on Friday during Yom Yetzirah (creation). Chanichim and madrichim interpreted the story of creation in many ways by dressing as scientists, artists, builders, engineers, and architects, to name a few. During special peulot on Friday, chanichim created their own artwork, poetry, and structures. The trip and Friday's yom were a tutim way to end the first session as we say l'hitraot to our campers not returning next session. We can't wait to meet our new friends who will be joining us on Monday. Shabbat Shalom to your family!


Solelim had a packed tutim week! It was hot, but that didn't keep us from having kef (fun)! We continue learning about the eight levels of giving tzedakah, with our counselors demonstrating each of the eight different ways that people give tzedakah through skits. Chanichim are collaborating as bunks to decide which level they will use to donate, and to whom. Ask your child which level his or her bunk chose. On Monday's Yom Cham we kept cool by having tefillot in the gym, splashing on the inflatables, and having a tutim time doing water relay races. Yom Solar System on Wednesday was out of this world! Chanichim dressed up as all things intergalactic: astronauts, planets, stars, aliens, and more! While exploring the solar system at camp, we made kochav (star) bracelets and "Milky Way Galaxy" ice cream, engineered rocketships, learned phases of the moon using Oreos as our models, and more. A highlight of the week was trip day! We all enjoyed the IMAX movie "National Parks Adventure" at Liberty Science Center. On Friday we said goodbye to first session campers, and are looking forward to welcoming new Solelimers on Monday. Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom.


We had a very tutim week in Tzeirim! Hockey, basketball, baseball, shiur, migdal, bishul, ma'ayan, and more! The week began with Yom Cham (extra hot day) but we kept cool with additional  swim. We are so proud of the projects in ceramics, etz, and omanut that the chanichim have worked on throughout first session. We continued tefillah bechira this week. Chanichim drew interpretive pictures to the brachot we read in tefillot. We learned new tunes to traditional prayers and interviewed tzevet (staff) around camp about what prayer means to them. Thursday we went to the New York Hall of Science for trip day! We had the most fun on the science playground in the museum. What was your camper's favorite exhibit at the New York Hall of Science? Back at camp after our trip, we played sports, ate dinner, and experimented with safely landing eggs from the top of the ulam with parachutes we created. Before climbing into our sleeping bags, we had a late night snack and song session with musical guest Josh Warshawsky! In the morning, we had musical tefillot outside with Josh, and for breakfast we had a Ramah Nyack favorite: Rocky Teva Toast! Later in the day on Friday, we had a great time watching our fellow chanichim in the drama bechira performance of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" - Kol HaKavod (job well done) to all who performed! We said good-bye to first session chanichim and can't wait to meet new Tzeirimers on Monday. Have a restful and relaxing Shabbat!  


What a tutim week it's been for Nevonim! We have kept up a very busy schedule between sports, swim, bishul bachutz (outdoor cooking), finishing our bechira (electives), and more! We beat the heat earlier in the week during Yom Cham and had tons of kef (fun) keeping cool in the pool. On Tuesday, the uber talented music specialist Josh Warshawsky joined us for tefillah. We were able to think on a deeper level and in a more meaningful way about our brachot by learning Josh's new and original tunes. On Wednesday, Nevonimers were the oldest chanichim at camp while Chalutzim and Bogrim were on their overnight trip, and we buddied up with Kochavim (the youngest edah) for the Yom Adom (Red Day) Parade. A highlight of our week (and the summer!) was our overnight, of course. We began the day with swim and tie-dye at camp. It was great seeing everyone working hard on their creative and colorful designs before getting on the road for our first stop: High Exposure. Our chanichim challenged themselves to reach new heights on the indoor rock climbing wall and tackled the obstacle course. Then we headed to Ramah Berkshires. We had a picnic with the Berkshires Nitzanim campers, danced, and played basketball and gaga together. It was great to make some new friends! What was your camper's favorite part of our overnight? More chanichim read Torah this week and participated in our parsha play for Parshat Balak. To conclude the week, during Friday's Oneg Shabbat, we played "Are You Smarter than a Madrich?" (based on the television show "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?"). We are so thrilled to see the teamwork and support that the campers are displaying every day! We say l'hitraot this week to our first session campers and hope the rest of the summer is wonderful! Wishing everyone a Shabbat Shalom from Nevonim. 

Chalutzim & Bogrim

Chalutzim and Borgrim's highlight this week was our overnight trip to Boston and Camp Ramah in New England! We arrived with pure Ramah ruach (spirit) wearing our edah shirts as we made our first stop on our trip to Faneuil Hall for a scavenger hunt. Later in the day we walked the Freedom Trail and had dinner at Boston Commons before going to a closeby synagogue, Temple Emanuah, for the night. We started Wednesday morning at the Boston Tea Party Museum followed by lunch at Copley Square. Our last activity in Boston was the Duck Tour. Some of the sights we saw on foot the day before, we were able to revisit from a new perspective on the amphibious vehicle! After our Duck Tour, we were off to spend the night at Ramah New England. We spent the last day of our trip enjoying the thrills, action and adventures at Six Flags New England before returning to camp. We had a tutim trip and can't wait for the next one! We are sad to say goodbye to our friends who are leaving after first session, and wish them a wonderful summer. We to see you again next summer. Shabbat Shalom!