Edah News

Summer 2016, Week 5

Kochavim | Shorashim | Nitzanim | Solelim
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Conversation Starters (bolded in each section of Edah News)
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for your camper(s) to share about their week. Enjoy!  


What a tutim week we've had in Kochavim! Chanichim (campers) enjoyed dancing on the migrash, climbing on the playground, unlocking creativity using Imagination Playground (blue blocks), continuing creative projects in omanut (arts and crafts) and keramika (ceramics) actively learning in shiur, and so much more. Kochavimers enjoyed their first ever Maccabiah! Click here to read the entire Kochavim Khronicle.  


What a fantastic week we had in Shorashim! We were excited to welcome our second session campers at the beginning of the week and it has been wonderful watching how seamlessly they've integrated into Shorashim. A special happening in our edah is that during tefillot, chanichim have been asking to help lead the tefillot. We love having camper leaders and are thrilled that they are developing this interest. It is truly wonderful to see their joy as they lead and how they take such pride in doing so! Ask your camper what his/her favorite part of tefillot is and why. A special highlight this week was, of course, Maccabiah. It was a truly tutim day full of ruach, teamwork, cooperation, and fun! We loved all of the sports, pool time, and fun games. Shorashim campers particularly enjoyed doing freeze dance in the pool! We have begun learning our dance for Festivale. We are dancing to a song called "Silsulim" and we've been learning it on the migrash and even during our freeze dance time. We are excited to perform it for you at the end of the summer! We're looking forward to another great week next week. Wishing you Shabbat Shalom from Shorashim! 


We had an amazing week in Nitzanim! We kicked off the week welcoming our new campers. It was great to see them integrate into Nitzanim and learn our edah songs and cheers so quickly! It was a hot start to the week, and we enjoyed extra swim time and fun on our inflatables. The big highlight of the week was Maccabiah 5776! It was such fun to watch Maccabiah breakout on Tuesday morning and it got us super excited for all the kef (fun) on Wednesday! When we arrived at camp on the morning of Maccabiah, the entire migrash was like a giant keshet (rainbow) with all of the campers in their team colors. After tefillot, we jumped right into all the amazing activities and games of the day, including relay races, pool sports, a chidon (Jewish trivia contest), and more! It was a truly tutim day filled with teamwork, cooperation, and amazing ruach (spirit)! In keeping with our creation theme for the summer, we engaged in a fun activity during our tefillot this week. Using our bodies, we replicated some of the constellations we see in the night sky (pictured). Can you recognize any of these constellations? Use your imagination! (Hint: you might be able to discern the Big Dipper or Cassiopeia!). We closed out the week today at Shishi al haMigrash, our camp-wide pre-Shabbat celebration, and said l'hitraot to our five week campers. We will miss them! We are excited for next week, when we will tie-dye t-shirts as an edah. Please check your inbox for details. In the meantime, we wish you a Shabbat Shalom from Nitzanim! 


Solelim had another tutim week at camp! The big event of the week was Maccabiah. On Tuesday morning, we had fun watching the staff do a dance for the whole camp on the migrash, but then all of a sudden the music stopped and it was announced that Maccabiah would be tomorrow! We were excited the whole day on Tuesday for the fun that was sure to follow on Wednesday. We kicked off Maccabiah by dividing into our teams, and having a very colorful tefillot by team. We loved seeing the chanichim in these small groups engaging in prayer and song together. Then it was off to all of the tutim Maccabiah activities and games! We had a blast in the pool during a wet and wacky game of Simon Sez. Later in the day we cooled off in the pool during a relaxing free swim. It was a super day! Also this week, Solelim chose new bechirot (electives). Choices ranged from bishul (cooking) and etz (woodworking) to ceramics, robotics, and bishul bachutz (outdoor cooking). Ask your camper which bechira they will have second session. We're excited to get started with our new activities next week. We wish you a restful and peaceful Shabbat from Solelim!  



What a week we've had in Tzeirim! Each day this week has been totally tutim! On Monday we welcomed new campers to our edah. To get to know everyone better we played Ruach Noshemet (Where the Wind Blows) in Hebrew. On Tuesday we started the day with a big surprise - Maccabiah breakout! Wednesday brought a day of games, cheers, and friendly competition, which culminated on the migrash with the camp-wide relay race. We started new tefillah bechirot this week. Ask your child which tefillah they are learning! Tzeirim always has fun in bishul - whether it's inside or outdoors - and this week we had the opportunity to do both! We ended the week with a special yom meyuchad by bunk. We had yom heros, yom luau, yom huledet, yom Olympics, and more! We hope you all have a restful and relaxing Shabbat!


Nevonim was thrilled to welcome our new second session campers this week. It was great getting to know each other and teaching our new friends our edah cheers (and why Nevonim is the best edah--HOOAH!). We continued our focus on personal goals and created a poster listing them, which we hung up as inspiration to us for the rest of the summer.  Tefillot continues to be an amazing and fun learning experience for both chanichim (campers) and tzevet (staff). We enjoyed learning a new bracha in the Amidah this week, Birkat Hashanim. We had fun challenging each other to see who could recite it the loudest! We also enjoyed an interactive tefillot in which we discussed our actions and their consequences. Of course, Maccabiah was a tutim part of our week! We loved all of the sports, games, and competitions on the fields, in the pool, and all around camp! We are proud of our Nevonim campers for their incredible display of teamwork, cooperation, and ruach! Our oneg on Friday was a wonderful way to close out our week. We played Jewish charades, where we acted out symbols of Shabbat and holidays. Ask your camper about the symbols and holidays that were acted out and how campers represented them! We can't wait for next week, when we will have a Yom Meyuchad--check your inbox for details. Wishing you Shabbat Shalom from Nevonim!    


We were thrilled to welcome our second session campers to Chalutzim this week! We enjoyed getting to know each other and teaching our edah songs and cheers to our new friends. Then it was off to a busy week, the highlight of which was definitely Maccabiah! We were so excited and proud that one of our Chalutzim mishlachat members, David, was a Maccabiah captain! It was a tutim day of spirited tefillot, water polo, capture the flag, a chidon (Jewish trivia contest), and lots of other fun games, sports, and activities. We are proud to announce that our recent bowl-a-thon resulted in over $700 raised! Thank you for your generosity in supporting this tzedakah initiative. We will be donating these funds to Jewish Family Service (JFS), which is also the organization for which we are collecting supplies for seniors. JFS will be visiting us at camp on Monday, and we are looking forward to their visit. If you haven't yet had a chance to contribute supplies, you can still send them in on Monday. To those who have already contributed, thank you so much! Friday brought a unique opportunity for Chalutzim. Together with Bogrim, we had the chance to hear from two Ethiopian Jews, Gezi and Demoz, who are among the 9,000 Falash Mura Jews who remain in the Jewish compound in Gondar, Ethiopia. They shared their story with us and their hopes to emigrate to Israel. Ask your camper about Gezi and Demoz. It was a wonderful week in Chalutzim and we are excited for the week to come. Shabbat Shalom to all!  


What a week we had in Bogrim! We kicked off second session by welcoming our new campers, getting to know each other, and selecting our bechirot (electives) for second session. On Tuesday, Maccabiah broke out and Bogrim campers were thrilled to help take the lead in decorating the amazing and colorful banners for each team. During Maccabiah, we practiced our leadership skills as we led cheers and songs for the younger edot in camp. We also had the fun opportunity to join our younger friends in Kochavim for their tefillot during Maccabiah. It was great to help them as they participated in their tefillot, and we also taught them a song that we love: Ma Rabu. It was a totally tutim day! On Thursday we enjoyed a unique lunch and learn program on leadership. Campers who chose to attend the lunch and learn had a meaningful discussion about stereotypes and how the barriers that sometimes exist between people can be broken down when we are more sensitive, aware, and thoughtful. Also on Thursday, we got the chance to plan our own yom meyuchad (special day) as an edah! We divided into groups and each group was responsible for planning and executing a portion of the yom, which took place on Friday. It was an incredible way for Bogrim to practice our budding leadership skills and prepare us for the future--which may even include being tzevet members here at Ramah Nyack! Ask your camper what part of the yom s/he prepared and what tips they learned about how to plan activities! Also on Friday, we had the very unique opportunity to hear from two Ethiopian Jews, Gezi and Demoz, who are among the 9,000 Falash Mura Jews who remain in the Jewish compound in Gondar, Ethiopia. They shared their story with us and their hopes to emigrate to Israel. In all, it was an incredible week in Bogrim and we could not be more excited for next week, when we have some exciting events and day trips in store. Check your email for full details! Shabbat Shalom to all from Bogrim!