Edah News

Summer 2017, Week 2

Kochavim | Shorashim | Nitzanim | Solelim
Tzeirim | Nevonim |  Chalutzim, Bogrim, Shoafim

This summer, we're continuing to include conversation starters,
 bolded in each section of Edah News. 


Kochavim campers loved being back for week two of camp! We started each day energized after dancing on the migrash. Chanichim played sports and demonstrated some cool new swim moves at the breicha. In omanut, the campers were mesmerized by the “lava lamp” bottles they made as a representation of the first day of Creation. Ask your child about his/her favorite peulah (activity) this week. Monday's Israeli Scouts performance delighted the campers as they sang and danced to new songs. Click here for Yom Yisrael details and additional week 2 highlights!



Shorashim had another exciting week! Chanichim especially enjoyed swimming, drawing/sketching, teva, gymnastics, low ropes, drama, and music. In omanut, some of the campers made “lava lamps” as a representation of the first day of Creation. The chummus we prepared in bishul was delicious! Zimriyah is right around the corner, and we can’t wait! We’ve been practicing our song, “Mizrach.” Ask your children to sing it for you! The rain didn't stop us from having a fanan Yom Yisrael celebration! Our theme was “Israel's geography,” tying into our Zimriyah song about directions. We created a map of Israel and toured major cities as we met with  "talking statues.” Shorashim loved visiting the shuk and eating fresh pita. Shabbat Shalom!


Nitzanim had a packed second week of camp filled with sports, ceramics, bishul, etz, omanut, and migdal activities. The rain couldn’t dampen our Yom Yisrael spirit as we wrote heartfelt notes to IDF soldiers. Ask your children what they included in their letters. Through a game of Israeli trivia, campers put their knowledge of Israeli culture and history to the test. In anticipation of Zimriyah, Nitzanim have been rehearsing their songs - this edah has amazing spirit and can’t wait to share it with you. We look forward to another exciting week and to seeing you on Wednesday. Shabbat Shalom!


What a fanan week for Solelim! In addition to the full array of camp programs, bechirot (electives) were launched this week. During Yom Yisrael, Solelim wrote letters to Israeli soldiers and worked on an edah-wide Israeli flag project. Chanichim discovered Israel's most notable celebreties, where counselors, dressed up as famous Israeli figures, answered questions, and signed autographs. Ask your children what they learned about these individuals. Campers visited a Bedouin tent, where they participated in Bedouin traditions such as dancing and drinking brewed tea. Solelim campers are excited for Zimriyah and can’t wait to see you there on Wednesday. Shabbat Shalom!


Tzeirim experienced another outstanding week! On yom tie-dye, chanichim came to camp wearing some fanan tie-dye clothes and accessories. We loved comparing the different designs and colors, and naming them in Hebrew. Campers created beautiful tie-dye challah covers that are being donated to the Jewish Community of Uganda. In tefillah bechira (prayer elective), campers chose from a variety of options geared to enhance their understanding of and spiritual connection to prayer. These included outdoor prayer, drawing a personal interpretation of modeh ani, and acting out Parsha plays. Ask your child which service s/he participated in. The rain didn’t stop us on Friday as we celebrated Yom Yisrael. The chanichim embarked on a historical tour of Israel, traveling from Biblical times through modern day Israel. Chanichim created their own versions of Israeli flags illustrating their personal connections to Israel. Your children have been practicing their songs for Zimriyah and we can’t wait to see you on Wednesday! Shabbat Shalom!


We’ve had an amazing second week in Nevonim! So many chanichim came to camp on Thursday dressed in their craziest, wackiest, and silliest outfits for Wacky Tacky Thursday. Friday was Yom Yisrael, and we showed off just how much Nevonim loves Israel despite the rainy weather! After studying a map of Israel, we played a memory game where we attempted to recreate the map with candy. And in keeping with Israel’s entrepreneurial spirit, we created blueprints of different innovative items to attempt to solve some of the problems facing the world. What innovation did your child explore? Nevonim had a very enriching week in tefillah, exploring the “chonen hada’at” (“He who grants wisdom”) blessing from the amidah. Our campers then shared their favorite “fun facts” with the rest of the edah. We also read Torah for the first time this kayitz with eight Nevonim chanichim chanting in front of the whole edah. We look forward to next week and to seeing you on Wednesday at Zimriyah! Shabbat Shalom!

Chalutzim, Bogrim, Shoafim

Chalutzim, Bogrim, and Shoafim had a jam-packed second week, both in and out of camp! Campers continued to enjoy exciting peulot such as swimming, migdal, bishul, and sports. On Wednesday morning, chanichim particiated in special tefillah-related programs. Chalutzim/Bogrim Aleph, Bet, and Gimmel (entering grades 6 and 7) appreciated nature during tefillah on the shvil; Bogrim/Shoafim Dalet (entering grades 8 and 9) participated in a genizah ceremony, burying unusable religious books and objects. Ask your child about his/her special tefillah. On Thursday, Aleph, Bet, and Gimmel went on a supermarket field trip to learn about food injustice around the world. Tying into our theme of BOGrin, Dalet created murals beautifying our campgrounds. On Friday, Bogrim/Shoafim Dalet campers spent the middle of the day at the Rockland County Waste Management Center taking an interactive tour and learning the “inside scoop” on recycling. The rest of the edah spent the day celebrating Yom Yisrael at camp. Chanichim actively explored the kibbutz lifestyle participating in jobs like caring for young children in baby gan. Campers played a human game of “Guess Who” discovering fun facts about the shlichim and then listening to stories about their IDF service. We look forward to seeing you at Zimriyah! Shabbat Shalom!