Edah News

Summer 2017, Week 3

Kochavim | Shorashim | Nitzanim | Solelim
Tzeirim | Nevonim |  Chalutzim, Bogrim, Shoafim

This summer, we're continuing to include conversation starters,
 bolded in each section of Edah News. 


Kochavim had an amazing week filled with so many incredible activities! We have been improving our sports skills in activities such as soccer and basketball, focusing on the importance of teamwork. When we’re not busy kicking and dribbling, we have been playing fun games such as “Drip, Drip, Drop” - a version of “Duck, Duck, Goose”- and an edah favorite, “Sharks and Minnows!” The children have loved incorporating their new Hebrew vocabulary into the games. Ask your children to teach you how to play! Our campers are making lots of progress in the breicha (pool), learning many new and cool swim moves and techniques. Chanichim have finished each day with some Kochavim Komedy, a time for campers to share jokes at the end of each day. Click here for additional Kochavim highlights!



Shorashim had another outstanding week! We loved singing our hearts out at Zimriyah, rocking out to camp favorites “Mizrach,” “HaMalach Ha’goel,” and “Adon Olam.” We hope you enjoyed watching us as much as we enjoyed performing for you! Another highlight from our week was a visit from Mar Koach (“Mr. Energy”) during tefillah, to whom we proved that Shorashim chanichim can be louder than anyone else in camp with our rendition of “Yesh Lanu Koach!” Ask your children to teach you the "Yesh Lanu Koach" cheer.  Campers let us know what they’re thankful for when we prayed and sang “Todah Lashem.” Answers included our families, friends, pets, and, of course, camp! We ended the week with spectacular bunk yamim meyuchadim on Friday, with chanichim dressed in pajamas, as space creatures, robots, and animals! Despite the rain, we enjoyed a day of amazing peulot related to our themes. We’re so excited to celebrate an edah-wide yom meyuchad next week! Stay tuned for details. Shabbat shalom!


Nitzanim had a spectacular week! We were thrilled to sing our Zimriyah songs for you, “Yevarechecha” and “Shubi.” We had so much fun practicing during rehearsal and all around camp these past few weeks! Chanichim loved their various activities. In bishul, we made delicious hummus and Israeli salad. In ceramics, we created dreidel bowls and nature plates tying into our edah theme of teva. Ask you children about the project s/he made. In omanut, we continued to explore the Creation story, illustrating wind and the atmosphere using yarn and tin foil. In tefillah, we have been discussing the “Birchot HaShachar” prayers, writing our own texts to express what we are thankful for in our lives. We can’t wait for another jam-packed week, filled with our Yom “Go Yarok” (Go Green), and our trip to Bounce U and New City Bowl! Shabbat Shalom!


We had so much fun in Solelim this week! Chanichim enjoyed a wide variety of camp activities, including makers, migdal, and robotics. We split up into smaller groups for tefillah, allowing us to dig deeper into how we connect with various prayers. Ask your child which prayer was most meaningful. Of course, the pool is always a big hit. Solelim loves swimming so much that we enjoyed the pool three times on Wednesday! We sang our hearts out performing “Adir Adireinu” and “V’haer.” Your children sounded amazing up there - we were all a bit teary! We finished the week cheering on our friends in the Ramah Performs specialty camp musical revue on Friday. We are so excited for our trip to Turtle Back Zoo next week!



Tzeirim had such a fanan week! We dressed in our favorite jerseys and various sports gear for Yom Sport. Our campers loved playing capture the flag at the end of the day to celebrate healthy competition. Watching the Ramah Performs specialty camp musical revue was such a treat, especially as we cheered for our Tzeirim performers! Our tefillah bechirot were also a hit, as we put on two plays for this week’s Torah portion, Pinchas, and learned some new tunes to our tefillot. We were ecstatic to sing “Rak B’Yachad Nenatzeach” at Zimriyah, proving to the whole camp community that Tzeirim works best when we work together! Ask your child about the value of teamwork. We can't wait to put our teamwork to the test next week with our yom meyuchad, Yom Ta’alumah (mystery)! We are also looking forward to our first overnight next week! Shabbat Shalom!


What an exciting week for Nevonim! We had a blast during our Yom Emoji; chanichim went all out dressing in emoji clothes, decorating hats with emojis, and painting emojis on our faces as well! Ask your child to share the story he/she created. During tefillah, we discussed how our emotions affect the way we respond to different scenarios. We practiced using empathy during edah-wide game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” in which campers cheered for whomever beat them in the previous round. In other tefillah news, we learned our newest Amidah blessing: HaRotzeh Bitshuvah, “the desirer of repentance.” In order to illustrate an act of repentance, chanichim wrote down one apology they had, and placed it into a bucket full of water to watch our words disappear, symbolizing forgiveness. We loved rocking out to our Zimriyah song, “Galshan,” and pretending to surf on the beach! This got us so excited for our trip next week to SplashDown! Shabbat Shalom!

Chalutzim, Bogrim, Shoafim

We have had a week full of amazing speakers and exciting activities! We were thrilled to begin the week with a “lunch and learn” on the wage gap in professional sports, prepared by two of our own Bogrim campers. Ask your child his/her thoughts about the wage gap. On Tuesday, Isaac Wamani - a staff member from Uganda - educated our Bogrim Dalet campers on the Jewish community of Uganda, while our Bogrim Aleph, Bet, and Gimel chanichim worked with an organization started by a fellow middle schooler to give cards to hospitals. We also helped Isaac sell handmade Ugandan kippot during Zimriyah! Wrapping tefillin on Wednesday was a very meaningful experience, especially for those of us doing so for the first time We even practiced first with Fruit by the Foot! In preparation for our trip to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, our camp director Amy Skopp Cooper facilitated a discussion with  Bogrim Dalet campers. On Friday, staff member Rabbi Jordan Soffer led us in a tefillah focused on the Jewish values of empathy and treating each other with kindness. We ended our week on a high note with a trip to the Esplanade, where we sang our Zimriyah songs and performed various talents for the residents there. We can’t wait for our trip to Washington D.C. next week!