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Summer 2017, Week 4

Kochavim | Shorashim | Nitzanim | Solelim
Tzeirim | Nevonim |  Chalutzim, Bogrim, Shoafim

This summer, we're continuing to include conversation starters,
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Kochavim had an absolutely fanan week! We painted the camp red for Yom Adom and the whole camp joined in the fun. Campers proudly showed their Kochavim spirit to the entire camp. We loved seeing the red streamers, stars, and all things adom throughout the day. We chanted our cheer for the whole camp to hear! Ask your child to sing the Kochavim cheer for you at home! Yom Adom was made even sweeter as we snacked on red strawberries in mada (science). Did you know that strawberries are the only fruit whose seeds grow on the outside? Click here to read the entire Kochavim Khronicle.



Shorashim had a spectacular, fun-filled week! On Wednesday, we had an edah- wide yom meyuchad celebrating this summer’s theme, fruits and vegetables. It was exciting to see the campers dressed in their bunk-specific themes and the counselors as farmers. Our morning activities included a tour of the teva garden, planting herbs, and painting the wooden flower box. They were so excited to bring home plants and watch them grow. Next, we cooled off with fruit and spinach smoothies before heading to the “farmer’s market.” Chanichim visited the thirteen different booths run by each bunk, and shopped with money that was later donated to Leket Israel. We practiced the brachot (blessings) for the various types of produce before digging in! Everyone loved tasting foods in every color of the rainbow. Ask your child what foods s/he tasted. Thursday was trip day and we could all feel the excitement as we boarded the bus to Legoland. The day concluded on a magical note as the kids settled back into camp in the late afternoon for a magic show. The week ended with a special oneg on Friday with Josh Warshawsky. We’re sad to see our first session Shorashimers leave but are excited to welcome new friends for second session. We can’t wait to see you again in Kayitz 2018. Shabbat Shalom!


Wow, what a phenomenal week in Nitzanim! We continued to work on our siddurim, adding a page on the Yotzer Or prayer. On Tuesday, we went “green” with Yom “Go Yarok.” Our counselors performed the Lorax, kicking off a day of hands-on activities about our ecosystems. We simulated cleaning up the ocean and experienced how difficult it is to conserve water in the desert! We loved populating our Nitzanim rainforest with animals we made from recycled paper and separating recyclable materials, and we made paper flowers and wrote tefillot on the petals. We also played “See Run Build” with igloos, and saw global warming in action every time our blocks “melted.” On Wednesday, we had a special tefillah with Josh Warshawsky, who taught us “Mah Rabu.” Ask your child to teach you Mah Rabu! On Thursday, we jumped around at BounceU, practiced our bowling skills and then had a fun late-night at camp. We are sad to say goodbye to some of our friends but look forward to welcoming new ones on Monday. Shabbat Shalom!


What an exhilarating week for Solelim! We started the week with an amazing tefillah led by Josh Warshawsky, our musician in residence. He taught us some great new prayers such as Mah Rabu! In the last two weeks, each bunk has had a Yom Meyuchad (special day), complete with cool activities tailored to each theme! We loved watching our campers get into the spirit of bunk yamim meyuchadim, such as Yom IDF, Yom Hamilton, and Yom Baseball! And of course, we had Yom SOLympics for the entire edah on Wednesday. We warmed up for our Olympic activities with Zumba Shacharit. Campers made their own individual medals, measured their long jumps, and played blindfolded archery (otherwise known as “pin the bow on the archery board”). Later in the day, each bunk made their own Olympic boat, complete with a bunk flag. We tested our boats in the pool to see if they could float! Ask your child how his/her boat fared. Our edah showed bunk pride during our counselor Olympics show, as madrichim from each bunk competed in Olympic challenges, such as a push-up contest and wheelbarrow racing, as campers cheered them on. We had such a great time on our trip on Thursday! We explored some awesome exhibits at the Liberty Science Center, and went to a Myth Busters exhibit. It is always hard to say goodbye to our first session campers, but we hope they have an amazing rest of the summer! Shabbat Shalom!



Tzeirim has had a jam-packed week! Our Yom Ta’aluma (Mystery Day) was a big hit. To begin our mission to uncover “who stole the glidah (ice cream),” we made our own detective kits, complete with magnifying glasses and badges, and wrote messages in invisible ink. Since we were spending the day helping camp, we heard from staff in camp who help others, such as the security guards and the nurses. We wrote thank you cards, showing our appreciation for those who spend their day helping us. Ask your child to whom s/he wrote a thank you card. We ended the day with a scavenger hunt and were rewarded with special glidah once we finally found the glidah thief! Our trip and overnight was a highlight of our week! We loved the New York Hall of Science where we played on the playground and experienced some really cool scientific exhibits. Back at camp, we played sports, had dinner, and enjoyed an evening swim. We ended the evening with a medura (bonfire) with Josh Warshawsky, our musician-in-residence. After we woke up and had tefillah on Friday, we ate some delicious homemade rocky teva toast (toast with a sunnyside up egg in the middle) prepared specially for us by Ami! We were so sad to say goodbye to our first session friends, but we hope they have an awesome second half of summer! Shabbat Shalom!


What a wonderful week we’ve had in Nevonim! We started off our week with some excellent Torah reading by our very own Nevonimers, many of whom read for the very first time! On Tuesday, we were on the receiving end of the mitzvah of hachnasat orchim (welcoming guests) when we were invited to join Kochavim at the end of the day. We read a story about Abraham and Sarah welcoming guests in their tent, and helped the Kochavimers make ohelim (tents) with graham crackers! We celebrated “working wednesday” with Yom Ani B’Atid and dressed as what we want to be in the future. During tefillah, we created a timeline of events in our lives, starting with accomplishments in the past, and ending with our hopes for the future. Ask your child what s/he included on the timeline. Our overnight trip was so much fun! We loved cooling off from the heat on tons of exciting water rides at SplashDown Beach. We sincerely appreciate our sister camp, Camp Ramah in the Berkshires, for hosting us on Thursday night, and their Adat HaNitzanim for including our campers in their yom meyuchad! It was hard to say goodbye to our first session campers this week, and we hope they have an amazing second half of the summer! Shabbat Shalom!

Chalutzim, Bogrim, Shoafim

We have had a spectacular week in Chalutzim, Bogrim, and Shoafim! We began our week with a moving presentation from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, who shared with us the history of the organization, the people they serve, and what goes into granting a wish. Of course, the highlight of our week was our trip to Washington, D.C.! Our first stop was the National Zoo, where we enjoyed seeing the pandas, elephants, and cheetahs, among other animals. Our incredible mishlachat led us in a fun game before we went to sleep for the night. We spent Wednesday morning sleuthing around the International Spy Museum, and then enjoyed our lunch and some recreational time on the National Mall. Ask your child his/her favorite exhibit at the Spy Museum. In the afternoon, most campers visited the Air and Space Museum, while a number of our Bogrim/Shoafim Dalet campers attended the Remember the Children exhibit at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. In all, the day was informative and impactful, and our chanichim left with a sense of what D.C. has to offer. On our way back to camp on Thursday, we stopped at the Herr Foods Visitor Center, where we toured the snack factory! We all had an amazing time on what was an absolutely memorable trip. We were so happy to finish our week with tefillah with musician-in-residence Josh Warshawsky on Friday. Even though we were sad we had to say goodbye to our first session campers — we hope you all have an excellent rest of your summer! Shabbat Shalom!