Edah News

Summer 2018, Week 3

Kochavim | Shorashim | Nitzanim | Solelim
Tzeirim | Nevonim |  Chalutzim & Bogrim

This summer, we're continuing to include conversation starters,
 bolded in each section of Edah News. 


Kochavim campers had a fantastic third week of camp! We had an amazing time celebrating our Kochavim pride on Yom Adom (Red Day) by wearing our new tie-dye shirts and other red clothing, and we sang our hearts out at Zimriyah. We have been focusing on our teamwork skills by playing soccer and basketball and our campers are making tons of progress in the breicha (pool), practicing all of their new swimming moves, strokes, and techniques. We have been ending each day with Kochavim Komedy, where campers and counselors share jokes. Ask your camper to share his/her favorite joke from this week! We wish you a Shabbat Shalom from Kochavim! 


Our third week in Shorashim was achla! We had a great time practicing for Zimriyah and loved performing our songs on stage. After a fun and late night, campers had a special day on Thursday, Yom Pajama. We loved coming to camp in their favorite summer pjs! This week we also enjoyed having special peulot (activities) for Yom Yisrael. Our Sha'ar madrichim (counselors) took us on a tour of the kibbutzim where they grew up in Israel. We "milked" cows in the refet (dairy) and "picked" fruits and vegetables in the fields. Ask your camper what s/he most enjoyed "doing" on the kibbutzim. We are looking forward to our trip day next Thursday. Shabbat Shalom from all of us in Shorashim! 


Nitzanim had an incredible third week of kayitz 2018! All of our Zimriyah practice paid off and we loved singing on stage on Wednesday night. We also spent time with Amichai the Music Guy during tefillah (prayers) this week and we decorated paper flowers with our dreams for the future which will be hung up in the chadar ohel (dining room). We made rockets in mada (science), cinnamon rolls in bishul (cooking), and enjoyed etz (woodworking), gymnastics, and omanut (art). For Yom Yisrael we learned about Israeli innovation, drip irrigation, sand in the desert, archaeology, and the Kotel. Ask your camper about his/her favorite activity from Yom Yisrael. Nitzanim wishes all of our Ramah Family a Shabbat Shalom!  


Solelim loved performing in Zimriyah and had an amazing week! We had a special peula (activity) this week called Yom Ani B'Atid (When I Grow Up). Campers talked about what kinds of jobs they want to have when they grow up and wrote down their goals for the summer on special sheets of paper. We placed the papers in a time capsule and they will get them back at the end of the summer. We also spent time with different staff members who told us about their jobs at camp. Ask your camper what s/he wants to be "b'atid" (in the future)! For Yom Yisrael we played a human "Guess Who" game, explored the history of the Israeli flag, and made our own edible flags out of graham crackers and icing. We also had fun creating our own inventions inspired by Israeli innovations such as Waze! We wish you a Shabbat Shalom from Solelim. 


Tzeirim had an achla third week of camp! This week we had a special program, Yom Chalal (Outerspace Day). We wore outerspace-themed clothing, made snow globes with special "space" materials, planet sun catchers, edible constellations, and we had a space race scavenger hunt which ended at the "space ball" at camp. We also discussed various Jewish texts that focused on inclusivity and accepting everyone's differences. For Yom Yisrael we had relay races connected to drip irrigation, Israel's GSP navigation app, Waze, and an archaelogical dig. We also learned about the history of Hatikvah and created our own ceramic tiles about our hopes for Israel. Ask your camper about his/her hopes for Israel. This week we made banana boats in bishul bachutz (outdoor cooking), had fun at sports and bechira (electives), and made beautiful crafts in ma'ayan (beading). And of course, we loved perfoming at Zimriyah. Wishing you all a Shabbat Shalom from Tzeirim!


Nevonim had a great time practicing and performing at Zimriyah! We loved spending time in our bechirot (electives) this week which included omanut (art), basketball, soccer, and migdal (high ropes). We also had a special session with Ramah TV where we learned the basic skills of filming and filmaking and we are planning to make a show about life at camp. For Yom Yisrael we explored Israel's history, culture, innovations, and technology. Ask your camper about his/her favorite highlight from Yom Yisrael! We had another inspiring Torah reading on Thursday and we are looking forward to our overnight trip and visit to Ramah Berkshires next week. Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom from Nevonim!

Chalutzim & Bogrim

Chalutzim and Bogrim had a very busy week! This week was focused on Global Hunger Awareness. We had an experiential supermarket visit where we explored the issue of food insecurity (not having the money to buy wholesome nutritious food for your family) and purchased goods to donate to a local food pantry. We raised funds to donate to two local nonprofits (which campers will select) through our Bowl-A-Thon and our bake sale at Zimriyah. On Thursday we baked challot and brought them to residents of the Esplanade on Friday where we also performed a pre-Shabbat show with singing, dancing and musical instruments. Ask your camper about the residents s/he spent time with at the Esplanade. This week we had our first camper-led lunch-and-learn, a camper-led meditation and a tefila which focused on mindfulness. For Yom Yisrael we played jeopardy about Israeli histroy, geography, and culture and had an activity with Israeli sports personalities and played games with them. And of course, we are looking forward to our overnight next week. Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom from Chalutzim and Bogrim!