Edah News

Summer 2018, Week 6

Kochavim | Shorashim | Nitzanim | Solelim
Tzeirim | Nevonim |  Chalutzim & Bogrim

This summer, we're continuing to include conversation starters,
 bolded in each section of Edah News. 


Kochavim had an amazing Shavua Ruach (Spirit Week)! Each day this week we had a different theme. We loved wearing silly hairstyles, funky and mismatched clothes, and celebrating Purim in the summer. We especially enjoyed exploring community helpers - both dressing up as them and having a special visit from own local firefighters, policeman, and paramedics. We even got to climb into and explore a firetruck, ambulance, and police car! Throughout the week campers expressed their creativity through their costumes and had fun with all of our Shavua Ruach peulot. Ask your child about his/her favorite activity from Shavua Ruach. Kochavim had so much fun running, playing, hopping, and jumping during Maccabiah. We loved the fragrance of roasting spices at bishul bachutz (outdoor cooking), baking soft pretzels at bishul (cooking), and making glida (ice cream) at mada (science). We will miss our six-week campers and can't wait to see them next summer in Shorashim. Shabbat Shalom from Kochavim! 


Shorashim had an amazing sixth week at camp! We had a blast at Maccabiah, hopping, skipping, jumping, running, and using hula hoops. All of our campers showed great teamwork throughout the day. On Friday each bunk had a yom meyuchad of its own with a special theme that carried throughout our activities of the day. Some themes and activities included: Yom Zen with meditation, Yom Chef with Israeli cooking, Yom Purim B'Kayitz making mishloach manot, and Yom Circus with tightrope walking. Ask your camper about the special activity in his/her bunk. We practiced teambuilding at low ropes, stayed calm at yoga, and made beautiful crafts in ceramics. We said l'hitraot to our six-week campers and wished them well for the upcoming year. Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom from all of us in Shorashim! 


Nitzanim had an amazing week! Maccabiah was a highlight of the week. Our campers demonstrated great teamwork skills during the campwide relay race and during our hula hoop games. We have been building our Nitzanim ruach by singing edah songs on the way to lunch everyday. We created door decorations using different phrases of gratitude from the modeh ani prayer. Ask your camper about his/her door decoration. We also practiced a new tefillah this week - the prayer for The State of Israel. Campers enjoyed participating in Yom Mitzvah (Mitzvah Day), a program planned and facilitated by our oldest edot, Chalutzim and Bogrim. And we loved making (and eating) tasty soft pretzels in bishul (cooking). We will miss our six-week campers and can't wait to see them in kayitz 2019! Nitzanim wishes all of our Ramah family a Shabbat Shalom!  


Solelim loved Maccabiah this week! Campers used their strong teamwork skills and had a blast running, jumping, hopping, swimming, and relay racing. We are loving our new bechirot (electives). We are staying on target in archery, sculpting and glazing Shabbat tables in ceramics, crafting donut pillows in omanut (art), making beautiful crafts in ma'ayan (beading), and sanding and designing challah boards in etz (woodworking). Different bunks took turns this week leading the entire edah in spirited tefillah. Each day we pause to share what we are grateful for in our lives. Ask your camper what s/he is grateful for. Campers enjoyed playing pickleball, softball, and soccer, roasting spices in bishul bachutz (outdoor cooking), and making soft pretzels in bishul. We said l'hitraot to our six-week campers and can't wait to see them in Tzeirim next summer. We wish you a Shabbat Shalom from Solelim! 


Tzeirim had a special day this week, Yom Dr. Seuss! Each bunk dressed up in the colors and patterns of characters from different Dr. Seuss books. They enjoyed many related activities including making truffala trees, playing a One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish ring toss, and a fun carnival. They explored themes on the environment and friendship in The Lorax and even wrote their own Dr. Seuss stories that rhyme! Ask your camper about the Dr. Seuss story that s/he wrote. We loved Maccabiah and used our teamwork througout the day. We continued exploring different aspects of tefillah in our bechira, tracing leaves and practicing "mah rabu" in teva and acting out a lively parsha play in drama about this week's parsha, Ekev. We wished our six-week campers a wonderful rest of summer and a successful school year. Wishing you all a Shabbat Shalom from Tzeirim!


Nevonim had a special peula this week - Yom Kehillot Yehudiot (Global Jewish Communities Day)! We explored the history, culture, rituals, and recipes of the Jewish communities of Poland, Ethiopia, and Iraq. We had an amazing carnival with Ethiopian dancing, mock henna art, and campers traced their own families' origins on a map of the world. We made mofletta, a crepe-like snack that comes from the Sephardic Jewish community in Morroco. It was a fun, festive, delicious day! Ask your camper which activity s/he enjoyed on Yom Kehillot Yehudiot. Campers enjoyed participating in Yom Mitzvah, a program facilitated by Chalutzim and Bogrim. They wrote letters to Israeli soldiers to say "Thank You." We were proud of this week's first-time Torah readers and stayed busy in migdal, omanut, etz, and mada. We will miss our six-week campers and look forward to seeing them in kayitz 2019! Shabbat Shalom to our Nevonim Family!

Chalutzim & Bogrim

Chalutzim and Bogrim had a meaningful and fun week! We started out with a special visit to Jawanio, a facility that provides services to people with developmental disabilities and chronic medical conditions. We set up and ran a carnival for children in their day camp complete with games and face painting. Ask your camper what s/he enjoyed from our experience at Jawanio. We worked hard this week to plan and prepare for Yom Mitzvah, a program we ran for all of camp. We facilitated different peulot for each edah and encouraged all campers to donate new or gently used children's books to our book drive for Operation Paperback. We are collecting books through Wednesday, August 8! We had a blast at Maccabiah this week, playing hard and practicing our teamwork and we worked as an edah on a special mural we are painting in omanut. In tefillah we discussed our personal roles in the Jewish community and of course, we are getting excited for our overnight trip next week! We said l'hitraot to our six-week campers and wish them an amazing year ahead. Shabbat Shalom from Chalutzim and Bogrim!