Sha'ar Hebrew Immersion Program


Boker Tov Machaneh Ramah! Mah Nishma? (Good morning Camp Ramah! How are you?) For decades, children have been greeted with these iconic phrases each morning on the migrash (our main lawn). Ramah Day Camp in Nyack has a proud history of interweaving Hebrew language into the day's activities through the use of cheers, songs, and stories.

Ramah Nyack elevated Hebrew learning to an unprecedented level in Summer 2013 with Sha'ar, a unique Hebrew immersion program. We are proud to offer this popular program in Summer 2019 for seven edot (age groups): Kochavim, Shorashim, Nitzanim, Solelim, Tzeirim, Nevonim, and Chalutzim (entering kindergarten - 6th grade). 

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Children in Sha'ar engage in the full Ramah Nyack schedule, including swim, sports, arts and crafts, and more--learning to understand and speak Hebrew naturally, by listening to and speaking with their counselors and peers. All aspects of the camp day are conducted solely in Hebrew from the very first day, giving the children an opportunity to gain proficiency as they participate in the myriad activities that make camp so magical!  


Your child must first be registered for the full summer in Kochavim (entering kindergarten), Shorashim (entering 1st grade), Nitzanim (entering 2nd grade), Solelim (entering 3rd grade), Tzeirim (entering 4th grade), Nevonim (entering 5th grade), or Chalutzim (entering 6th grade) to be eligible for Sha'ar.



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Sha'ar is a proud member of the Kayitz Kef Program, made possible by the support of the Areivim Philanthropic Group, The Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life, and The Foundation for Jewish Camp