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Your charitable contributions assist Ramah Nyack in enhancing our program, attracting and retaining quality staff, and providing scholarship dollars to allow more children to attend camp.

Support Ramah Day Camp in Nyack

General Operating Fund

Your contribution will support the diverse work that takes place in camp each summer. 

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Scholarship Fund

Provides much-needed financial assistance to families and their children so that they can benefit from the Ramah experience.

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Camper Programming Fund

Support for our camper programming fund will enable camp to expand and enhance our camper offerings, including programs such as our sports clinics.

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Staff Programming Fund

Donations to this fund provide learning opportunities, training, and programming for our staff.

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Shidduchim Wall/Ramah Marriages

Did you meet your spouse at a Ramah camp? Do you know someone who did? Then you can be on Camp Ramah Nyack's Shidduchim Wall! Dedicate a plaque on camp's Shidduchim Wall to celebrate your Ramah marriage or to honor a Ramah marriage of a friend or family member. Plaques are $180 and will be displayed in the Beit Am with those of other Ramah couples. Plaques will be hung once a year during the summer season.

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