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Kol Ramah Newsletter

Each week throughout the summer we update this page with the latest news from each edah. Enjoy reading the news from this past summer! 


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State of the Art Kitchen 

We continue to expand our lunch offerings and are happy to present a more varied (and more colorful) menu including fresh vegetables, plant-based protein, and salad items. A weekly meat meal (with vegetarian option) and more brown rice/bean selections are offered as well. Of course the staples are still be available: yogurt (on dairy days), sunflower seed butter, whole wheat bread, and plenty of fresh fruit. Campers are able to enjoy their meals in an AIR CONDITIONED chadar ochel (dining hall) - perfect for hot days.

Sha'ar Hebrew Immersion Program

Our incredible Hebrew immersion program is now open to children entering K - 6th grades. We currently have over 100 campers enrolled in Sha'ar this summer! For more information on Sha'ar, please click here.

Watch the Sha'ar video!