Summer 2019, Week 3

This summer, we're continuing to include conversation starters, bolded in each section of Edah News.


Kochavim campers had a fantastic third week of camp! We loved participating in our first Zimriyah and sang our hearts out. This week we practiced teamwork while playing soccer, basketball, and a variety of team sports that emphasize cooperation. Our chanachim are making a lot of progress in the breicha (pool), practicing all of their new swimming strokes and techniques. Campers also enjoyed spending time with their Bogrim buddies. We have been ending each day with Kochavim Komedy, where campers and counselors share jokes.  Ask your camper to share his/her favorite joke from this week! We wish you a Shabbat Shalom from Kochavim.


Our third week in Shorashim was moosh! We had a great time practicing for Zimriyah and loved performing our songs on stage. After our late night at camp, Shorashim campers were excited to have Yom Pajama on Thursday! We loved coming to camp dressed in our favorite summer pjs. This week we joined Kochavim for a special day of sports and arts. We all enjoyed a musical tefillah with Amichai the Music Guy. Our campers are loving the new functional fitness peulah where they are perfecting their bear crawl. This week we also enjoyed omanut (art), drama, bishul (cooking), and of course swim twice a day. Ask your camper to share his/her favorite peulah of the week. Shabbat Shalom from all of us in Shorashim!


Nitzanim had a moosh third week! This week in tefillah we explored gratitude and shared what we are each thankful for. We all loved creating our own personal “torah” out of fruit roll ups and pretzel sticks. Zimriyah was a huge success! All of our practice paid off, and we loved singing on stage. Our edah has so much ruach (spirit)! We even have a new Nitzanim cheer.  Ask your camper to sing it for you. Chanachim are enjoying making dreidels in etz (woodworking), and spotting tadpoles in the stream in teva (nature). Nitzanim campers were impressed with the Ramah Performs musical revue. Nitzanim wishes all of our Ramah Family a Shabbat Shalom.


Solelim campers loved performing in Zimriyah! Singing on stage in front of all our families was a truly special experience. This week we had a special visit with our resident storyteller at camp, where we participated in a storytelling tefillah, improv storytime, and discussed the importance of our rich Jewish oral history. Solelim had Yom Lev V’neshama (Heart & SOL Day) with peulot focusing on mindfulness, personal health, and friendship. During this yom, campers participated in a meditation and stretching tefillah. We made bracelets with a different color bead, each representing a core Jewish value including love, strength, gratitude, peace, and wonder. Ask your camper which Jewish value his/her bracelet symbolizes? We also had a sing-a-long with Amichai the Music Guy. Campers are enjoying their bechirot (electives) including sports, art (omanut), ceramics, etz (woodworking), archery, and robotics. Solelim loved watching the Ramah Performs musical revue. We wish you a Shabbat Shalom from Solelim.


Tzeirim is having a moosh third week of camp! Performing at Zimriyah was a highlight of the week. This week Tzeirim had a special peulah on Jewish folklore which focused on inner beauty opposed to outer beauty. We are continuing our tefillah bechira (prayer elective) including art (omanut), music, hebrew, teva (nature), and parsha place.  Ask your child which tefillah bechira s/he chose. At our shabbat oneg we made beautiful and unique kiddush cups. We loved attending the Ramah Performs final revue performance. We wish you all a shabbat shalom!


Nevonim really enjoyed performing at Zimriyah! We loved sharing our beautiful songs. During tefillah we focused on the refaeinu (healing) prayer of the amidah and wrote letters to sick children. We are so proud of our campers who read Torah for the first time this week. We look forward to sharing this mitzvah with our campers each week. We loved spending time in our bechirot (electives), including omanut (art), basketball, soccer, and migdal (high ropes). Continuing with our edah theme, NevoGREEN, campers participated in our Yom Ba Teva (Day in Nature) where our peulot emphasized the importance of taking care of the world we live in. Ask your camper to share ways your family can help the environment. Wishing you a shabbat shalom from Nevonim.

Chalutzim & Bogrim

Chalutzim and Bogrim had a super week three at camp! In addition to singing beautifully at Zimriyah, we sold cookies to raise money for a local nonprofit. On Wednesday we participated in tefillah bechira (prayer elective) we chose. Campers loved Yom Historiah Shel Machane (A Day of Camp History) where they learned all about Ramah Nyack’s exciting history, secret doors and all! Counselors who attended Ramah Nyack as campers shared their memories of being here as children. Ask your camper about the camp’s history! In makers chanachim used cardboard, Lego, tape, and various other items to create a model camp as they hope to see it in the future. This week campers had an opportunity to overcome personal challenges such as fear of darkness and fear of heights. Chanachim felt their way through a dark touch tunnel and climbed on low ropes. Campers continue spending time with their Kochavim buddies, demonstrating what a responsible young adults they are becoming. Shabbat Shalom!