Summer 2021, Week 2


Nevatim campers had an amazing second week at camp! They enjoyed splashing around and cooling off during swim. Chanichim love snack time where they eat a healthy snack of crackers, cheese and apples, and socialize with friends. This week, campers expressed artistic creativity in making paper mache hamsas in omanut (art), beaded jewelry in ma’ayan (beading), free form coloring in makers and Rosh Chodesh plates in ceramics. Ask your camper what creative projects they worked on this week. Our campers were so happy to celebrate some Nevatim birthdays with their pods and loved ending the week with a lively oneg shabbat filled with singing, challah and grape juice. In shiur, chanichim are learning about Israel and discussed the meanings of the words shalom. If you have not already done so, please click here to join our Nevatim Parents Group 2021 on Facebook. Shabbat Shalom from all of us in Nevatim.


Kochavim chanichim had a fabulous second week at camp! We enjoyed many fun peulot, made new friends, and tried new activities. We made fruit kabobs and lemonade at bishul (cooking) and pita at bishul bachutz (outdoor cooking). Campers created Rosh Chodesh plaques in ceramics, did collaging in omanut, and explored with loose parts in ma’ayan and makers. Campers used our KOACH (strength) to play gaga, go swimming, play soccer, and try tennis! We are learning many new tefillot and making sure we know all the mitzvot in the V’ahavta section of Shema! In shiur, chanichim are learning all about Israel. Ask your campers what they learned about Israel in shiur. If you have not yet done so, please click here to join our Kochavim Parents Group 2021 Facebook group. Wishing you a Shabbat shalom.


Shorashim campers had an awesome week! Chanichim showed tons of camp spirit by dancing on the migrash and chanting the edah cheer. We continued exploring our summer theme of bashamayim and campers love discussing what is up in the sky. Ask your camper what is their favorite thing bashamayim! This week campers made hamsas in omanut (art) and Rosh Chodesh trays in ceramics. Chanichim also learned all about rainbows in teva (nature). In shiur campers learned about Israel and created maps of Israel. Please click here to join our Shorashim Parents Group 2021 on Facebook. We wish you and your family a Shabbat shalom.


Week 2 of Nitzanim Kayitz 2021 has been awesome! In tefillah, we divided into smaller groups to focus on individual prayer. Each group participated in interactive activities to learn the meaning behind Birchot Hashachar, Modeh Ani and Ma Tovu. Chanichim learned the Nitzanim edah gedolah cheer and loved singing it around camp! Ask your camper to sing the edah cheer for you. Campers participated in instructional swim this week and also loved cooling off and swimming around with friends during free swim. Other peulot (activities) included making Rosh Chodesh plates in ceramics, carving dreidels and dreidel stands in etz (wood working) and grilling vegetables on a skewer in bishul bachutz (outdoor cooking). A highlight of the week was Amichai the music guy singing and playing his guitar during lunch. In shiur we focused on Israel and campers drew their own maps of Israel. Please be sure to click here to join our Nitzanim Parents Group 2021 Facebook group. We wish you a Shabbat shalom.



Solelim campers had a super second week of camp! Amichai the music guy led us in a musical tefillah and shared with us a story about the sounds behind the word shema. Chanichim were thrilled to participate in instructional swim. Solelim campers learned our edah cheer and enjoyed singing it everyday! This week we also explored stretching in yoga, team work in low ropes, roasting veggie skewers in bishul bachutz (outdoor cooking), and constructing bencher holders in etz (wood working). Ask your camper about some of the peulot they enjoyed this week. In shiur, campers learned about the Israeli flag and made flags with their own symbols. At our oneg shabbat chanichim had a blast playing shabbat bingo! Please click here to join our Solelim Parents Group 2021 Facebook group. We wish your family a Shabbat shalom.


Tzeirim campers had a great second week at camp. We are so proud to show edah spirit by singing our Tzeirim cheer all over camp! We began tefillah bechirut (prayer choice) this week where chanichim get to select prayer options. Groups included parsha play, prayer study and interpretation, musical prayers and artistic prayer expression. Tzeirim will have the chance to rotate through these various tefillah groups throughout the summer. Ask your camper what tefillah group they selected for the week. Campers are enjoying working on their strokes, splashing around and cooling off in both instructional and free swim. Peulot highlights of the week were baking soft pretzels in bishul (cooking), dunking baskets in cadoor sal (basketball), and aiming for the target in archery. In honor of shabbat chanichim wrote shabbat-o-grams to their friends in Tzeirim. In shiur, campers are learning about Israel. We are so excited that on Monday we will have Yom Superhero which focuses on first responders. Please click here to join our Tzeirim Parents Group 2021 Facebook group if you have not already done so. Shabbat shalom!



Nevonim campers had a fun-filled week! In tefillah, we focused on Birkot HaShachar and brachot in the Amidah and discussed the idea of gratitude. We are so proud of our campers who read Torah for the first time this week. We look forward to sharing this mitzvah with our campers throughout the summer. Nevonim chanichim love migrash dancing and are learning all the dance routines. Ask your camper to perform a migrash dance for you! Chanichim enjoyed getting creative in ceramics while creating Rosh Chodesh plates. If you have not yet joined, please click here to be part of our Nevonim Parents Group 2021 Facebook group. We wish you a Shabbat shalom.

Chalutzim & Bogrim

Chalutzim and Bogrim had an incredible week at camp! In tefillah we discussed the connection between tefillah and the Torah. Campers were really interested in seeing sections in the Torah that are also part of out daily tefillot, such as shema. A highlight of the week was cooling off in the pool in both instructional and free swim. Chanichim liked building solar ovens in mada (science) and roasting vegetables in bishul bachutz (outdoor cooking). A favorite Chalutzim and Bogrim activity is playing gaga! Ask your camper what peulot they participated in this week. Please click here to join our Chalutzim Bogrim Parents Group 2021 on Facebook. All of us in Chalutzim and Bogrim wish you a Shabbat shalom.



We’ve had a sababa (amazing) second week of camp! Sha’ar chanichim (campers) and madrichim (counselors) have settled into the rhythms of the camp day and are getting comfortable using their Hebrew vocabulary during all of their daily peulot (activities): omanut (art), ma’ayan (beading), chetz v’keshet (archery), teva (nature), bishul (cooking), bishul bachutz (outdoor cooking), ceramika (ceramics), rikud (dancing), and schiyya b’breicha (swimming in the pool). At lunchtime chanichim are continuing to deepen their food and meal-related vocabulary as they ask their madrichim for the food they would like to eat for each meal in Hebrew! This week they focused on using a salachat (plate) v’masleg (fork) v’mapit (napkin) to eat the various lunch foods: naknikiyot (hot dogs), macaroni v’gvina (mac ‘n’ cheese), shnitzel soya (soy nuggets) v’tiras (corn), and pizza beigelei (pizza bagels). Your children are smechim ma’od (very happy) to be in camp and are having a blast. From our yamei cham (hot days) to yamei geshem (rain days), katan aleinu (we got this)! Please click here to see a video of Sha’ar’s second week. Wishing everyone a Shabbat Shalom!