Summer 2021, Week 3


Nevatim campers had a super week! Chanichim had a blast dot painting mezuzot in omanut (art) and listening to theatrical stories in drama. They loved picking mint and basil in teva (nature), kicking the ball in soccer, and played games on the migrash. Campers learned the Nevatim cheer and were proud to chant it throughout camp. Ask your camper to sing the Nevatim cheer for you. Yom Yisrael was so special! Chanichim made sand art referencing Israel and wrote notes and drew pictures to put in the kotel. Please click here to join our Nevatim Parents Group 2021 on Facebook. We wish your family a Shabbat Shalom.


Kochavim campers had a wonderful third week at camp! We exhibited teamwork while playing gaga, soccer, relay races, and new types of tag games. These sports emphasize cooperation and communication with our teammates. Our chanichim are making a lot of progress at the breicha (pool), practicing new strokes and techniques they learned. We celebrated Yom Yisrael with all of camp and learned about the people and places of Israel. Campers danced new Israeli dances with our mishlachat and traveled around Israel during shiur. We visited a kibbutz and tried out different jobs performed there including milking a cow, washing dishes, doing communal laundry and gardening! Chanichim have also been busy making cookies in bishul (cooking), banana boats in bishul bachutz (outdoor cooking), mezuzot in omanut (art) and much more! We have been ending each day with Kochavim Komedy, where campers and counselors share jokes. Ask your camper to share their favorite joke! A high point of the week for our edah was watching the Ramah Performs play. If you have not yet done so, please click here to join our Kochavim Parents Group 2021 Facebook group. We wish you a Shabbat Shalom from the Kochavim tzevet.


Shorashim campers had a fantastic third week of camp! Chanichim loved going on a nature walk and studying worms in teva (nature). In ma’ayan (loose parts), campers created structures using pipe cleaners, beads and cardboard. Chanichim are also making mezuzot in omanut (art), and practicing catching the ball in softball. Campers enjoyed listening to Amichai the music guy both singing during lunch and leading the edah in birchat hamazon. Yom Yisrael was the highlight of the week for us! Chanichim visited kibbutzim where they milked cows and drank choco ba’sakit (chocolate milk in a bag). Campers also learned about the beautiful stained glass windows in Tzefat and created their own stained glass artwork. Ask your camper to hold up their stained glass artwork to the light and show it to you. Additionally, chanichim explored drip irrigation by experimenting with water and sponges. In shiur, we were fascinated to learn about the early years of the Haganah and the Ayalon Institute. Please click here to join our Shorashim Parents Group 2021 on Facebook. Shabbat shalom!


Nitzanim campers had a great week at camp! We loved learning about the people and places of Israel on Yom Yisrael. The edah listened to Israeli music and discussed the meaning of the lyrics. Chanichim learned all about Israeli athletes and Olympians. Campers proudly walked through camp displaying the Israeli flags they made. A highlight of the day was making and then drinking choco ba’sakit (chocolate milk in a bag) just like they do in Israel! Ask your camper about their favorite Yom Yisrael activity. This week we loved aiming at the target in archery, hitting and catching the ball in softball, cooking fruit kabobs in bishul bachutz (outdoor cooking), and baking chocolate chip cookies and making lemonade in bishul (cooking). In teva (nature), chanichim constructed boats out of leaves and twigs and floated them in the stream, and in makers built and flew paper airplanes. In shiur, campers were amazed to learn about the Haganah and the Ayalon Institute in Israel. Seeing the Ramah Performs play was such a special treat for us! We can’t wait for our edah Yom Michutz Lachlal (Outer Space Day) next Thursday, where we will focus on Jewish and Israeli contributions to outer space. Please click here to join our Nitzanim Parents Group 2021 Facebook group. We wish you and your entire family a Shabbat Shalom.



Week 3 of Solelim Kayitz 2021 was awesome! On Yom Yisrael we discussed various tefillot that are connected to Israel such as Oseh Shalom and Mashiv Haruach. Campers loved learning all about the history of the Israeli flag and then designing their own flags. Ask your camper about the flag they created. We were proud to exhibit our knowledge of Israel when our edah played Israel bingo. Chanichim participated in a discussion about the importance of water conservation in Israel and then demonstrated how to do so in a fun water relay race. Other highlights of the week include musical tefillah with Amichai, creek exploration in teva (nature), cooking banana boats in bishul bachutz (outdoor cooking), and watching the Ramah Performs show. Campers also enjoyed balancing in gymnastics, aiming at the target in archery, and creative exploration in makers. In shiur, we watched a play where we learned about Theodore Herzl, Eliezer Ben Yehuda and Dona Gracia. Chanichim loved dancing to the music of Neta Barzili! Please click here to join our Solelim Parents Group 2021 Facebook group. We wish you a Shabbat Shalom.


Tzeirim campers had a superb week at camp. We started off the week with Yom Giborim (Super Hero Day) where chanichim honored first responders by writing them letters and participated in challenging obstacle courses and relay races. Ask your camper all about Yom Giborim. On Yom Yisrael, we learned all about Israeli inventions including Waze, Soda Stream and Krav Maga, and then campers planned and created their own inventions! In tefillah, counselors discussed the meanings behind Modeh Ani and Ma Tovu and chanichim shared what they think about when they wake up in the morning and what they view as their safe spaces. Some favorite activities of the week included exciting gaga games, music with Amichai, seeing the Ramah Performs show and making Rosh Chodesh plates in ceramics. In shiur, we began a mini unit called Pirkei Avot and Art which focuses on Jewish wisdom. Please click here to join our Tzeirim Parents Group 2021 Facebook group if you have not already done so. Shabbat shalom from the Tzeirim staff!



Nevonim campers had an incredible week at camp! This past week, chanichim participated in another beautiful and meaningful Torah reading. On Yom Yisrael, counselors spoke about Israel’s proud history with inventions and presented Israeli inventions such as Waze, Pillcam, Watergen, ICQ and Soda Stream. Campers were then challenged to come up with their own inventions. Ask your camper about their invention. Amichai joined us for a spiritually uplifting musical tefillah. Favorite activities of the week included acting at drama, sculpting at ceramics, climbing and swinging at low ropes and watching the Ramah Performs play. Shiur focused on Pirkei Avot and Art, where we explored the idea of Jewish wisdom. Please click here to be part of our Nevonim Parents Group 2021 Facebook group. We wish you all a Shabbat Shalom.

Chalutzim & Bogrim

Chalutzim and Bogrim had a fun-filled week! In tefillah, in addition to our weekly Torah reading, we spoke about the mitzvot of tefillin and tallit and campers took turns trying them on. On Yom Yisrael, our edah added in a special tefillah for the State of Israel and sang Hatikvah. Chanichim also had a blast playing Israel Family Feud. Ask your camper about Yom Yisrael Family Feud. Chalutzim and Bogrim campers are playing lots of softball and becoming hitting and catching pros! We are also expressing our creativity cooking in bishul (cooking) and creating art in omanut. Chanichim really enjoyed the theater performance presented by Ramah Performs. Please click here to be part of our Chalutzim Bogrim Parents Group 2021 Facebook group. We wish you a Shabbat shalom.



What a moosh (excellent) third week of camp! This week we celebrated Yom Yisrael, a day when our tzevet truly get to shine as they share their love of Israel with their own chanichim as well as the entire camp. The theme of the day was Anashim v’Mekomot B’Yisrael (People and Places of Israel). Chanichim had an incredible day learning about nashim Yisraeliot mefursamot (famous Israeli women), musika Yisraelit (Israeli music), and geographica Yisraelit (Israeli geography). They made choco ba’sakit (chocolate milk in a bag), wrote petekim (notes) to put into the Kotel, and created their own deglei Yisrael (Israeli flags). For lunch we of course ate falafel b’pita. Chanichim asked for chamutzim (pickles) and salat Yisraeli (Israeli salad) made of agvaniot v’melefofanim (tomatoes and cucumbers) to add to their sandwiches, which they loved eating b’yadayim (with their hands)! We hear Hebrew spoken all over camp by your campers and their strong ruach as they chant newly learned Hebrew songs and Sha’ar cheers. Wishing everyone a Shabbat Shalom!