Summer 2022, Week 4


Our campers had a nadeer last week of first session! In omanut, campers made light-up sea portraits, and they enjoyed bubble making in maayan. Campers made fruit salad in bishul and roasted vegetable skewers in bishul bachutz — yum! They also enjoyed experimenting with marble tracks at Park Mada. We celebrated Camp Kindness Day by making thank you notes for people around camp. In Shiur, Nevatim campers learned about their guf (body), integrating their knowledge of Hebrew letters, colors, and numbers. We played Simon Says, sang the song “Get up and Do a Dance!”, and played sorting games. As a culmination, Nevatim went on a safari. With the help of their imaginations and Shiur teachers, they climbed into their safari vehicle and met a gazelle, butterfly, frog, donkey, hippo, rhino, and others! They noticed which animals had different colors on their body, how many of each kind of body part, and got to ask the animals questions. Nevatim campers (and the animals!) got up and did a dance if they had, for example, tzahov (yellow) on their guf (body). It has been a wonderful first session of camp, and we are looking forward to all the excitement of session two!


Kochavim campers had a very fun fourth week at camp. Because of the heat, the campers enjoyed extra swim periods, which they loved, and we also spent time cooling off in the sprinklers. We completed our projects in ceramics, and we had a great time filming video interviews with staff members in drama. Campers really enjoyed learning about constellations and planets at the Star Lab exhibit. In Shiur, Kochavim had a Siyum (completion ceremony), which included looking inside an actual Sefer Torah and a Torah parade, where they waved their flags, sang, and danced. We have had such a wonderful first session with our campers!


We had an incredible week at camp! Shorashim campers loved making vegetable skewers in bishul bachutz. They also made sculptures in ma’ayan and learned new pickle ball skills. We kept cool by playing games and enjoying extra long swims on Yom Cham. Shorashim campers loved the extra time in the pool. We celebrated kindness at camp, and each bunk made a thank you poster for the staff in a different area of camp. In Shiur, Shorashim completed their study of Genesis this week, displaying everything they learned about the Avot (Fathers) and Imahot (Mothers) from Genesis, dressing up and answering questions in character. Each bunk then got a chance to offer a special prayer or request in front of the Sefer Torah. We have had a wonderful and busy first session with our campers!



Nitzanimers had a nadeer week! Campers put sticks and paper boats in the teva stream to see if they floated or sank, and they made pomegranates to beautify the ceramics gate. They practiced teamwork and built forts in maayan. We also played campers versus counselors pinball in the Ramot gym. On Yom Geshem (Rainy Day), we also had a TON of fun doing relay races, like crab walking, racing with cones on our heads, and more. We recognized our own kindness and the kindness of others on Camp Kindness Day. And, to keep cool, campers enjoyed a “migrash mesiba (party),” with tons of sprinklers, beach balls, and water activities in between our second and third swims on the yamei chamim (hot days)!



What a great fourth week we had in Solelim! Solelimers were especially excited to have three swims a day and sprinklers to keep cool during this unusually hot week. Our campers love to swim! Star Lab was also awesome. In makers, campers played with legos, made creations out of cardboard, and made cards for their parents. Campers also finished and took home their ceramics and omanut projects. Solelimers also really enjoyed their talent show! We celebrated Yom Maasim Tovim (Camp Kindness Day) on Friday by making cards and key chains and giving them to camp staff.


Tzeirim campers had blast keeping cool during our fourth week at camp. They played in the sprinklers a bunch and loved the extra time in the pool! Campers finished their first session projects in omanut, ceramics, and etz. They also played a lot of pickle ball, competed in capture the flag, swam a bunch in the breicha with their madrichim, and enjoyed a lot more migdal. Tzeirim campers participated in a camper talent show during Wednesday’s Yom Cham (Hot Day), wrote words of wisdom to decorate the chadar ochel for shabbat this week, and did various activities for Camp Kindness Day.



We kept cool and had a great time this week at camp! Nevonimers especially loved having extra swim sessions to beat the heat. Our campers also enjoyed migdal, etz, bechira, and gaga/migrash sports this week. On Friday, we had Yom Giborim (Yom Superhero), where we had activities that helped campers learn about modern and historical Jewish heroes. We also learned about camp heroes (nurses, kitchen staff, security, etc.) and discussed how everyone can be a hero.

Chalutzim & Bogrim

Bogrim had such a special week on our trip! On our first day, campers visited the Mystic Aquarium and went on the Providence Ghost Tour. The next day we went to Battleship Cove in Massachusetts, as well as Breakers Mansion and the Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, RI. Bogrimers returned to camp on Thursday afternoon. It was a nadeer trip! Then, on Friday, which was the last day of the first session of camp, we did some summary activities, like decorating t-shirts and watching a first session photo slideshow, and said l’hitraot to our departing campers. We had a wonderful first session with your children!



We had an achla (amazing) week in Sha’ar! Even though we had shlosha yamim chamim (three hot days), chanichim had so much kef (fun) playing mischakey mayim (water games) and swimming in the breicha (pool) three times a day. They learned and used tons of warm weather-related and pool-time words: cham (hot), schiyya (swimming), breicha (pool), mishkefei shemesh (sunglasses), magevet (towel), krem hagana (sunscreen), and mishkefei magen (goggles).

Chanichim also participated in various peulot (activities) related to Yom Ma’asim Tovim (Camp Kindness Day) and started to prepare for next week’s Sha’ariyah, a Yom Meyuchad (Special Day) filled with exciting and fun games and activities for all campers in Sha’ar!