Annual Dinner

For more information or to get involved, contact Randi Kattan:

For more information or to get involved, contact Randi Kattan:

Honoring Abra Goldemberg

Abra served as Rosh Edah (Division Head) of Kochavim (entering Kindergarten) for ten years. An educator with two decades of teaching experience, Abra has nurtured hundreds of chanichim (campers) and tzevet (staff), with immense compassion, positivity, and creativity. Through the years, she has served as a sounding board for countless parents and families – an important connection, given Kochavim is often a family’s first day camp experience, as well as their first exposure to Ramah.


Young Leadership Award Recipients:

Harris, Haylee and DJ Mevorah

Harris, Haylee and DJ have grown up as staff members at Ramah Nyack.
Harris and Haylee each served as counselors and Rashei Edah, and Harris currently serves on Ramah Nyack’s Advisory Committee. DJ will return for her second year this summer as both a counselor and RA (Resident Assistant). Their demonstrated commitment to Ramah Nyack and volunteerism outside of camp is an inspiration to the next generation of Jewish leaders.


Celebrating Ramah Nyack Bone Marrow Donors

Ramah Nyack has hosted numerous bone marrow collection drives over the years for our staff to help identify potential donors. As a result, at least six individuals have matched and become successful donors. We are truly overjoyed to celebrate the life-saving mitzvot of our community members.

Bree Schonbrun Dumain, Erica Edelman, Sara Hessdorf, Jon Wingens

(In formation)

Kayla Blecherman, Jessica Brown, Debby Chiat, Nava Cohen, Yoni Cooper, Mindy Edelman, Josef Goldberg, Sarah Goldstein, Samara Gottesman, Noah Hessdorf, Naamah Imir, Shira Kalet, Jodi Karsch-Cohen, Lori Kass, Pnina Kattan, Tamara Kaynan, Ella Kohn, Julia Lustig, Abby Newman, Allison Oppenheim, Elijah Rockman, Rena Rosen, Lauren Sokol, Melissa Weiss

(In formation)

Rabbi Guy Austrian, Rabbi Amy Bolton, Rabbi Scott Bolton, Amy Skopp Cooper, Rabbi Paula Mack Drill, Rabbi Jessica Fisher, Steve Freedman, Rabbi Ben Goldberg, Rabbi Shoshi Levin Goldberg, Ingrid Goldfein, Jeff Goodman, Rabbi Yael Hammerman, Rabbi Jill Jacobs, Dr. Michael Kay, Rabbi David-Seth Kirschner, Rabbi Paul Kurland, Rabbi Loren Monosov, Rabbi Danny Nevins, Rabbi Harry Pell, Rabbi Joel Pitkowsky, Rabbi Rebecca Rosenthal, Rabbi Jeremy Ruberg, Rabbi Craig Scheff, Rabbi Jennifer Schlosberg, Rabbi David A. Schuck, Dr. Shuly Rubin Schwartz, Rabbi Annie Tucker, Rabbi Adir Yolkut

Matthew Binstock (Chair), Rachel Brody, Susie Charendoff, Harry Chiel, Reuben Dolny, Meredith Gantcher
Eta Gershen, Doron Kenter, Harris Mevorah, Allison Nagelberg, Ivy Schreiber, Lou Singer

Rabbi Ami Hersh, Director
Michael Edelstein, Director of Operations
Michelle Gavens, Director of Finance
Randi Kattan, Director of Communications
Paul Horvath, Program Coordinator
Prakash Thakur, Business Coordinator
Dory Payne, Facilities Manager