December 2022/Kislev 5783

We are pleased to present the Ramah Nyack 2022 Impact Report. This has been an extraordinary year! Record camper enrollment, the grand opening of the Park Mada STEM complex, the highly anticipated return of Zimriyah, the largest mishlachat (Israeli delegation) in North America, and so much more. Please take a moment to read our 2022 Impact Report, which brings these, and other unique aspects of Ramah Nyack to life.

For nearly 60 years, Ramah Nyack has provided chanichim (campers) and tzevet (staff) with exceptional summer camp experiences. Life-long friendships are made, new skills are learned, having fun is a priority, individuality is encouraged and embraced, a strong connection to Israel is fostered, and Judaism is integral to everything we do and teach at Ramah Nyack.

Our continued success is made possible by families and individuals, like you, who believe in the promise of Ramah Nyack. Our goal is to ensure all children have the opportunity to experience the magic of Ramah Nyack, and we rely on contributions to our Scholarship Fund to make it happen. As this year comes to a close, we hope you will please consider Ramah Nyack among your charitable giving. Todah Rabah! Thank You!


In the late spring of 2022, two families (who didn’t know each other) moved to the U.S. seeking refuge from the war in Ukraine: Anna emigrated with her daughter Liza, and Mila with her daughter Lana. Both families settled in New York and followed separate paths leading them to the same destination: Ramah Nyack.

Liza and Lana both had a wonderful summer at camp. They each formed beautiful friendships with other chanichim and trusted relationships with their madrichim (counselors). Their English improved and the nurturing environment of Ramah Nyack helped them both find the confidence they needed to practice their English speaking skills, which ultimately set them up for success and eased their transition to school this fall. Importantly, at a time of great uncertainty, Ramah Nyack provided stability and enabled them to just be kids and have fun, all in a warm and inclusive Jewish environment.

We are grateful that both Anna and Mila graciously agreed to share their experiences with the broader Ramah Nyack community. Please take a moment to learn more about how Ramah Nyack helped strengthen Liza and Lana’s Jewish identity and made a profound impact on their families’ lives.

ANNA: When we came to the US in the late spring, we did not have any plans on what to do this summer. As far as I knew, there was a big Jewish community in Rockland, so I decided to simply “google” the Jewish summer day camps nearby. One of which I found was Ramah Nyack. When I went on the website, I was excited to see Ramah Nyack’s summer activity plan, and the photos and videos looked like they knew how to make the children happy. So, I immediately contacted the main office to learn more. The people from the Ramah Nyack office were so empathetic and helpful, and the next week we already had a plan to go on a tour.

MILA: It was really important to us that Lana would attend a Jewish camp with exposure to Jewish education and a wonderful community, but we didn’t have specific summer plans. When we first moved here, our focus was on getting situated and finding an apartment. Luckily, a friend of mine from Odessa was asking around for recommendations and spoke with someone whose children attended Ramah Nyack when they were younger and suggested we look into it. She asked her Rabbi to help, and he reached out to Rabbi Ami Hersh on our behalf.

ANNA: I was extremely happy to have my daughter at Ramah Nyack this summer. Unfortunately, as a result of the war, we had to move all around the world and Liza did not have the ability to socialize with other children for half of the year. The camp was a wonderful opportunity not only to communicate with children and people, but to feel ourselves belonging to the Jewish community, which has so much power and strength in each part of the world. During these hard times for us, and camp was the place where we could continue being happy and enjoy our lives as before.

MILA: Being at Ramah Nyack gave us a connection to our home. This special camp is more than just a social experience – it gave us the feeling of being surrounded by family, and provided Lana the opportunity to live the values we learn in the Torah. It was so meaningful to us for Lana to be at Ramah Nyack, especially at a time filled with so much change and transition. Being a part of Ramah Nyack made us feel like ourselves. We are so grateful for the incredible experience that Lana had this summer and I look forward to being able to help others to give back in the future.

ANNA: Ramah Nyack was the first place which welcomed us, and nothing better could have happened! We had the chance to communicate, learn and research about the U.S. in a very warm and empathetic environment. We received an amazing impression of people being kind, open and positive here, so now we know that we should not be afraid to ask for help and in general, we learned about how many things work here. That was a very important thing, like a good first impression. Being at camp helped Liza be ready to start the new school year because she listened to the native English and Hebrew speakers, learned new words and was prepared to enter the U.S. school because of the playful and relaxed environment of the camp.

MILA: Lana’s English improved tremendously while at camp. She learned English in Ukraine, but she was too shy to talk and to start a conversation. Being at Ramah Nyack helped Lana gain the confidence she needed to communicate with others, which was a major turning point for us in adjusting to life in this country. It was really incredible to watch and see Lana transform from being very shy to very… not shy at all! After being at camp, her English improved to the point that she speaks better English than I do now! We have benefited greatly from Lana’s time in camp because the confidence she gained in her ability to communicate with others has really helped her in school this year. She wasn’t as nervous to start school this fall as I expected, and I really owe that to her experience at Ramah Nyack. Her Hebrew language skills improved as well.

ANNA: In Kyiv, Ukraine, Liza was going to the Jewish school. When we got here and finally found our people (Jewish community), it was like feeling home and belonging to the part of something that can not be destroyed by anything, even the war. Liza practiced Hebrew, sang ethnic songs and felt like she was a part of a big, international family.

MILA: Our Jewish community life in Ukraine was not as developed as it is here. At Ramah Nyack, Lana learned about what it means to keep kosher, pray, attend synagogue and celebrate Shabbat. Learning about these customs and values of the Torah made a great impression on Lana and because of this experience, she made the personal decision to keep kosher at home. Lana feels more connected to being Jewish than ever before.

ANNA: Liza is a pretty active and sporty girl, and she enjoyed physical activities. Moreover, she made friends with other children and staff members. She also loved dancing and singing songs. Liza’s favorite activities were swimming, climbing at Migdal and making new friends! Liza improved her swimming skills so much that I could not believe it when I saw her swimming like a professional in the pool! She was very excited to reach the new levels of swimming, and couldn’t wait for the day to climb.

MILA: Lana loved learning and singing Hebrew songs at camp. She also loved dancing, learning in Shiur, swimming, all of the art activities, and especially the trips to Washington D.C. 

ANNA: Liza made friends both with children and staff members and was very proud of that. She was very sad for camp to end and even cried, as some of the staff had to leave the U.S. She is looking forward to having a chance to see them once again! 

MILA: Lana developed very close relationships with her counselors as well as the other campers in her bunk. Recently, Lana randomly saw a camp friend in our apartment building (who was visiting their relatives who live in our building), and Lana was very excited to see her!


It was pure joy to be surrounded by hundreds of families for the return of Zimriyah after a two year hiatus! The vibe under the “big top” was electric as we watched our chanichim and tzevet sing their hearts out. Watch highlights from both of the incredible performances (Zimriyah Alef: Nevatim, Kochavim, Shorashim, Nitzanim; Zimriyah Bet: Solelim, Nevonim, Tzeirim, Bogrim/Chalutzim). Save the date, Zimriyah 2023: July 12!

Staff Experience

Ramah Nyack provides residential young adult tzevet with a meaningful, enriching, and fun leadership training experience. There are many opportunities to deepen connections to Judaism and develop Ahavat Yisrael (love of Israel), including through getting to know our shlichim from Israel. We are proud that again this summer, we had the largest mishlachat (Israeli delegation) in North America! The bonds that our American and Israeli tzevet form are at the heart of what makes the Ramah Nyack staff experience uniquely magical. This summer we were also pleased to be able to bring back another wonderful program – Leil Horim – during which parents of staff members are invited to camp for a special evening of learning and fun, and to get a taste of what their children experience. It was a beautiful evening and really lovely to be together.

Hebrew Language at Ramah Nyack

Our entire camp engages in Hebrew every single day. The moment our chanichim arrive at camp in the morning, they are greeted with “boker tov” (good morning) by tzevet and join their friends on the migrash to dance and listen to Israeli music. The Sha’ar Hebrew Immersion program, now in its tenth year, enrolled 151 chanichim, and camp was buzzing with Hebrew in all ways possible!

Park Mada is incredible! It was thrilling to open our brand new state-of-the-art STEM center this summer, after more than three years in the making. Park Mada houses all of our science and technology activities. 

  • The Central Science Center has large workstations and labs, and an open space that is large enough to house big-scale projects, such as a traveling planetarium that visited camp this summer! 
  • Our Makerspace has endless possibilities for creative minds, and features magnetic walls, wood tracks and pipes. 
  • In our Robotics Room, chanichim learn how to design, program and make robots, and use our 3-D printers and laser cutters to bring their imaginations to life. 
  • The Walls of Wonder Room is bright green and serves as the perfect backdrop for our chanichim to create and participate in videos with our amazing media team. 
  • The Shalva Center is a sensory space where members of our Camper Care team, including an Occupational Therapist for the first time this summer, work with chanichim who need some extra help with emotional regulation and a more calm and quiet space.
  • Chanichim love playing in our Outdoor Music Garden, which is both functional and beautiful!

On Monday, July 18, more than 150 Ramahniks gathered to celebrate our incredible community and the amazing contributions of our honorees. The event was a great success from both a friend-raising and fundraising perspective, having raised more than $175,000 for the Ramah Nyack Scholarship Fund.

Abra Goldemberg

Abra served as Rosh Edah (Division Head) of Kochavim for a decade. In this important role, she helped hundreds of chanichim and their parents develop meaningful and long-lasting connections to Ramah Nyack.

Harris, Haylee and DJ Mevorah

Harris, Haylee and DJ grew up as staff members at Ramah Nyack. Their demonstrated commitment to our community and volunteerism outside of camp is an inspiration to the next generation of Jewish leaders.

Gift of Life

As a part of the 2022 Annual Dinner & Fundraiser, we partnered with Gift of Life to host a bone marrow drive in honor of the selfless Ramah Nyack bone marrow donors within our community.

Abra Goldemberg

Abra served as Rosh Edah (Division Head) of Kochavim for a decade. In this important role, she helped hundreds of chanichim and their parents develop meaningful and long-lasting connections to Ramah Nyack.

Harris, Haylee and DJ Mevorah

Harris, Haylee and DJ grew up as staff members at Ramah Nyack. Their demonstrated commitment to our community and volunteerism outside of camp is an inspiration to the next generation of Jewish leaders.

Gift of Life

As a part of the 2022 Annual Dinner & Fundraiser, we partnered with Gift of Life to host a bone marrow drive in honor of the selfless Ramah Nyack bone marrow donors within our community.

We remain fiscally strong thanks to an excellent camper enrollment season, our generous donors, foundation grants, and prudent financial management.

Fortifying the Foundation(s) 

Each year we strategically invest in our 100+ year old facility. We are committed to maximizing our indoor and outdoor spaces to achieve programmatic excellence and innovation. The grand opening of the Park Mada STEM complex is a great example of the possibilities that abound at Ramah Nyack!

In addition to fortifying the actual camp facility, now more than ever, it’s imperative to provide children and young adults with a strong foundation for which to develop their Jewish identities. Giving back to Ramah Nyack is an investment in the next generation of Jewish leaders. Over the past three years, we have seen a significant increase in new donors. We are proud that our community continues to feel a strong connection to Ramah Nyack, and are inspired to give back so others are able to have a meaningful camp experience.

Our dedicated Ramah Nyack community is the bedrock of our foundation. Thank you for your continued support.

We are grateful to the many donors whose ongoing and meaningful support sustains our summer home. As 2022 comes to a close, please consider Ramah Nyack among your charitable year-end giving. There are many ways to give and we welcome the opportunity to discuss what works best for you and your family. For assistance with planning a gift which will benefit Ramah Nyack now, or in the future, please contact Rabbi Ami Hersh. We appreciate your consideration and wish you a happy, healthy, and safe year ahead. Todah Rabah! Thank you!

Charitable Estates & Planned Giving

Through bequests, life insurance and retirement plans, your investment in Ramah Nyack will ensure Jewish camping for future generations.

Stocks & Securities

Gifting appreciated stock, bonds and mutual funds may offer a number of tax benefits. Stocks and securities may be donated via electronic transfer or by receipt of stock certificates.

Matching Gifts

Many employers sponsor programs that match charitable contributions made by their employees, allowing you to double or even triple the value of your gift.

Lashuv HaBayita – Mezuzah Project

Celebrate a special moment or person in your life by sponsoring a mezuzah in their honor.