How to Sponsor a Mezuzah

We have counted every single doorpost in camp. Yes, you heard that right! There are 142 doorposts throughout camp, each of which has been catalogued and designated a specific donation level. Please review the Sponsorship Categories and Descriptions as well as the map of camp that illustrates the approximate locations of the mezuzot. Once you identify a space that “speaks to you,” kindly complete the sponsorship form. Individual, family and group sponsorships are welcome and encouraged! All donations are tax deductible.

Perhaps the most frequented entryways in camp are our three main gates and the Bet Knesset. Every day, our chanichim (campers) and tzevet begin and end their magical summer days through these gates. In addition to davening and special programming, through the years the Bet Knesset has been witness to many smachot (celebrations) and important moments including b’nai mitzvah, weddings and memorial services. Sponsors at this level will have the opportunity to work with the Ramah Nyack team to customize a mezuzah for their designated space.

1. Office Gate
2. Gould Parking Lot Gate
3. Back Road Gate
4. Bet Knesset

Our “Public Spaces” are enjoyed by visitors and campers alike. Every day, we find Ramah magic in these areas, which provide a home for Zimriyah practice, air-conditioned respites on super hot summer days, fun activities on special “yoms” (themed days) and, of course, meals for hundreds.

1. Chadar Ochel Main Entrance
2. Bet Sarah (Bet Shorashim)
3. White House Main Entrance
4. ParkMada Science Center Main Entrance (Rear)
5. Bet Am Entrance 1
6. Bet Am Entrance 2
7. Ramot Gym
8. Ulam (Bet Rikkud)
9. Ramot Ramah Main Entrance
10. Shalva Sensory Space

Creativity, growth, fun and exploration are but a few ways to describe the ruach that takes place in these programmatic spaces.

1. Omanut
2. Ceramics
3. Teva (Nature)
4. Main Pool
5. Small Pool
6. Rear Pool
7. Pool Office
8. Etz (Woodworking)
9. Bet Kochavim (Right)

10. Bet Kochavim (Left)
11. Bet Shorashim (Hope Cottage)
12. Park Mada (Left)
13. Park Mada (Right)
14. Park Mada (Ramp)
15. Gymnastics
16. Migdal (Ropes Course)
17. Basketball Court
18. Makom Shlomo

These entrances represent many of the core functions and operations required to successfully run camp each year.

1. Kitchen Main Entrance (Right)
2. Kitchen Main Entrance (Left)
3. Kitchen Office
4. Chadar Ochel Rear Entrance
5. Main Office
6. Medical Office
7. Chinuch Office (“Teachers’ Room”)
8. Camper Care Office
9. Ramot Ramah Inside Double Doors
10. Ramot Ramah Side Entrance

11. Bet Shalom Main Entrance
12. Tzion Main Entrance
13. New Dorm Main Entrance
14. Gould Boys Main Entrance
15. Gould Girls Main Entrance
16. Bet Knesset Side Entrance
17. Bet Knesset Living Area Main Entrance (Downstairs)
18. Bet Am Main Entrance
19. Bet Sarah Side Entrance
20. Tower Entrance

Camp’s magic and meaningful connections aren’t limited to campers! One unique aspect of Ramah Nyack is that many of our tzevet live at camp. When the buses depart at the end of each day, the after-camp hours are filled with Jewish learning, and spiritual and social experiences for our approximately 250 residential staff (including dozens of Israelis, our mishlachat). Tzevet alumni often say that while working at camp during their teen, college and young adult years, they found their best friends, discovered their passion for living Jewishly and determined their life’s path.