Summer 2019, Week 1

This summer, we're continuing to include conversation starters, bolded in each section of Edah News.


Kayitz 2019 is off to a moosh (excelelnt) start! Campers have already learned our edah cheers and the Hebrew phrases that we use around camp. Ask your campers to share their new Hebrew phrases and cheers this weekend! We start each day with migrash dancing and then tefillah on the deck of Beit Kochavim, our home for the summer. We spent the week enjoying activities throught camp including ceramics, swim, bishul (cooking), sports, low ropes, mini golf, and omanut (art). Throughout the day, campers are getting to know their bunkmates and counselors. We look forward to an amazing summer with your campers. If you haven’t yet done so, please click here to join our Kochavim Korner Summer 2019 Parents Group on Facebook.


We were thrilled to welcome all of our Shorashim campers on Tuesday! In addition to all of our regular camp activities- sports, swimming, music, and art- we also had special programs centered on the theme of the summer: Mitachat L’yam (under the sea). Ask your child about his/her bunk name! We look forward to an exciting summer of fun, friendships, and growth with your children. Please click here to join our Shorashim Summer 2019 Parents Group on Facebook.  Shabbat Shalom from all of us in Shorashim!


Nitzanim is off to a moosh (excellent) start! We had a packed first week in Nitzanim participating in sports, gymnastics, and, of course, dancing on the migrash! Nitzanim campers had their first opportunity to visit migdal (high ropes course) and etz (woodworking)! We learned hand motions for the tefillot (prayers) we will say each morning together. Ask your child to show you the hand motions! We are excited to announce our edah theme for the summer- dimayon (imagination). Our theme will include peulot (activities) that encourage chanichim to dream big and think outside the box. If they can dream it, they can make it happen. If you haven’t done so already, please click here to join our closed Facebook group Nitzanim Summer 2019 Parents Group. We are excited for what is sure to be an incredible summer! Shabbat Shalom.



Solelim had an exciting first week of camp building unity and pride! We learned our edah cheer and have been chanting it all through camp. Ask your camper to sing it for you. We had a fun peulah (activity) creating individual bunk posters and decorating them in a way that represents the unique qualities of each bunk. Campers are developing a sense of closeness and community as they get to know each other. We have also been enjoying tefillah (prayers) with Amichai the Music Guy, the archery center, robotics, sports, and bishul (cooking). If you haven’t done so already, please click here to join our closed Facebook group Solelim Summer 2019 Parents Group. We are looking forward to an moosh summer together. Shabbat Shalom from Solelim.


Tzeirim is having an amazing start to Kayitz 2019. We have been developing a true sense of community through our edah cheers. Ask your camper to sing the edah cheer for you! We jumped right into camp activities and have already enjoyed swimming, archery, gymnastics, migdal (high ropes), omanut (art), bishul (cooking), and sports.  Campers will also have the chance to exchange mitzvah rewards when they see something a fellow Tzeirim camper does around camp. We look forward to having a blast this summer. If you haven’t done so already, please click here to join our closed Facebook group Tzeirim Summer 2019 Parents Group. Wishing you all a Shabbat Shalom from Tzeirim!



Nevonim is soaring high from a moosh (excellent) first week of camp. We are enjoying our various camp peulot (activities) including swiming, migdal (high ropes), bishul (cooking), etz (woodworking), bishul bachutz (outdoor cooking), mini golf, and robotics to name just a few. This week in tefillah, counselors presented prayers we will recite each day of the summer. A special highlight of Nevonim is the opportunity campers have to read from the Torah for the first time. To begin the children’s journey of Torah learning, and in keeping with long-standing Nevonim tradition, we opened a Torah scroll around our campers to literally wrap them in the words of Torah. Ask your child a fun fact he/she learned during the Torah ceremony. Our edah theme for Kayitz 2019 is NevoGREEN, We will have special peulot related to ecosystems, the animal kingdom, and tikkun olam, repairing the planet. If you have yet done so, please click here to join our closed Facebook group Nevonim Summer 2019 Parents Group. It has been wonderful getting to know your children this week, and we look forward to a summer of growth and lots of fun! Shabbat Shalom.

Chalutzim & Bogrim

Week one of Kayitz 2019 was moosh (excelelnt)! Our campers were so happy to reunite with each other and welcome new campers to our edah. We played a game “fast friends” within our bunks to get to know one another. All incoming Chalutzim campers were presented with their own siddurim that they will decorate and use throughout their time at Ramah Nyack. Our camper-driven tefillah (prayer) program offers chanichim the opportunity to tap into their individuality through alternative, creative, and fun options such as meditation and nature, in addition to traditional tefillah. If you have yet done so, please click here to join our closed Facebook group Chalutzim and Bogrim Summer 2019 Parents Group. We can’t wait for another exciting week with your children. Shabbat Shalom from Chalutzim and Bogrim!