Health & Well-Being

Ramah Day Camp in Nyack is an American Camp Association (ACA) accredited institution. The ACA establishes strict guidelines for administration, camp operation, policies and procedures, program quality and the health and safety of campers and staff. We are proud to have met their standards of excellence.

Ramah maintains a fully staffed infirmary at the very center of our campus. Our nurses will take care of your child with efficiency and tender loving care. Our medical staff will also coordinate allergy plans for campers and administer prescription medications as needed.

Our swim program is run in accordance with Red Cross guidelines. A high staff-camper ratio at the pool ensures that all campers will get quality instruction and personal attention in a safe environment.

Our camper care team, made up of a school psychologist and a social worker, ensures that our campers are having successful summers. Members of the camper care team spend time leading staff training sessions, speaking with parents, as well as consulting with staff members regarding children who are experiencing difficulties with integration into camp. Our camper care team is on-site in order to observe and offer potential solutions to problems as they arise.

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Training and Supervision of Staff

Children are divided into an edah (division) according to grade, and are further divided into small groups. Leading each group are two or more mature counselors who work under the direct supervision of a Rosh Edah (Division Head), an adult staff member with significant experience in teaching and youth work. Feel free to contact your child’s Rosh Edah during the camp day if you have any concerns.

Staff members participate in a rigorous week-long training program before the start of camp. Their education continues during the summer with ongoing discussion of group dynamics, the well-being of individual campers, programming, and logistics. The staff are there to ensure that your child feels safe, nurtured, happy and accepted by the camp community.