Each camp day begins with a great bus ride! 

Ramah Nyack provides safe, reliable door-to-door transportation throughout most of Manhattan, Westchester, Bergen, Riverdale, Essex, and Greenwich. All of our buses are air-conditioned, equipped with seat belts, a two-way radio system and car seats for our youngest chanichim (campers), if necessary. Each bus is supervised by a madrich (counselor) who is trained to maintain our Transportation Protocols and ensures that all chanichim are comfortable and enjoy the ride. Our madrichim are able to communicate directly with the camp office throughout the ride. 

Chanichim are generally picked-up between 7:50 AM and 8:20 AM, and arrive home between 4:40 PM and 5:10 PM. Camp families will receive their bus route information before the camp session begins (full session and first session chanichim will receive their bus information in June; second session campers will receive their bus information in July). Our transportation team communicates with all buses during their routes and our communication system keeps parents apprised of changes due to possible inclement weather or traffic.

Please contact our office with any transportation questions. For urgent transportation matters, please call 845-358-6240