Summer 2021, Week 5


Nevatim campers were thrilled to begin second session and welcome new friends to the edah! The Nevatim theme for second session is chayot (animals) and our edah is now comprised of four pods – kofim (monkeys), pilim (elephants), hipopotim (hippos) and pengwinim (penguins). Ask your camper all about their animal-themed pod. New campers are already learning the Nevatim cheers! This week was filled with many fun peulot. In mada (science) campers made UV prints and in teva (nature) they made leaf prints. In ma’ayan (loose parts) chanichim tie-dyed fabric which they then sculpted into paper mache, and in makers they delved into creative exploration. In bishul they baked apple chocolate muffins, and in bishul bachutz they made s’mores. A highlight of the week was sprinkler games on the migrash! In shiur, Nevatim campers learned their colors in Hebrew and played sorting games. Please click here to join our Nevatim Parents Group 2021 on Facebook. Shabbat Shalom from all of us in Nevatim!


Kochavim chanichim had an amazing start to the second session of camp! We welcomed in new campers and taught them our cheers and tefillot. We missed our friends in Kochavim Pod 4, but were so happy to see and engage with them on zoom! Campers made s’mores in bishul bachutz (outdoor cooking) and muffins in bishul (cooking). Chanichim used their creativity to make vases in omanut (art) and used their problem solving skills to figure out how to balance in low ropes. We loved hearing stories from Amichai the Music Guy this week during tefillah and learning Ma Rabu! Ask your camper to sing you Ma Rabu. In shiur we focused on the days of creation. We are continuing our ADOM ruach (spirit) by learning cheers and singing all around camp! If you have not yet done so, please click here to join our Kochavim Parents Group 2021 Facebook group. We hope you have a Shabbat Shalom.


Shorashim campers had a great beginning to second session and enjoyed playing ice breakers and getting to know each other better! Chanichim loved learning Oseh Shalom and adding it into our daily tefillah. Sports highlights of the week included newcomb, softball and gaga. In yoga we learned how to do hand stands, in makers we explored creative lego building, and in ceramics we sculpted self-portraits. Campers had a blast baking and eating chocolate apple muffins in bishul. At our Oneg Shabbat, campers shared their weekly reflections by writing or illustrating their favorite happenings of the week. Ask your camper about their weekly reflection. In shiur chanichim learned about Noah and the importance of forgiveness. Please click here to join our Shorashim Parents Group 2021 on Facebook. We wish you a Shabbat Shalom!


Welcome to our second session Nitzanim campers! The week was filled with ice breakers, plenty of migrash dancing, and lots of great peulot. We are adding new prayers to our morning tefillot and campers enjoyed learning and singing Adon Olam. In ceramics campers began working on bruchim habaim (welcome) signs, in omanut (art) they drew tree stencils, and in etz (woodworking) they started creating personalized message boards. We were so proud of the delicious chocolate apple muffins we baked in bishul. Sports highlights of the week included gaga, basketball, soccer, tennis, and even human pinball! Ask your camper to describe their favorite activity of the week. We had a celebration on the migrash this week for a Nitzanim camper who is making Aliyah. In shiur we focused on several of the main characters in Bereshit and discussed their various special middot (qualities). Please click here to join our Nitzanim Parents Group 2021 Facebook group. The Nitzanim family wishes you a Shabbat Shalom.



Solelim campers gave a warm welcome to our second session campers! On Monday we enjoyed playing getting to know you icebreakers. Ask your camper about new friends they made this week. Chanichim are loving singing our boker tov song in the morning and chanting our edah cheer throughout camp. In ceramics we are working on Rosh Chodesh plates, in teva (nature) we built forts out of sticks, and in basketball we focused on dribbling and shooting skills. Campers enjoyed baking and eating chocolate apple muffins in bishul (cooking), and s’mores in bishul bachutz (outdoor cooking). Solelim chanichim learned about the twelve tribes in shiur, and created shevet (tribe) medallions. Please click here to join our Solelim Parents Group 2021 Facebook group. We wish you a Shabbat Shalom.


Tzeirim chanichim were excited to welcome second session campers to camp! In tefillah campers are enjoying weekly tefillah bechirot (choices) where they select a tefillah group including creating their own remixes of prayers, parsha play, parsha crosswords and parsha art. Ask your camper which tefillah bechira they chose this week. In ceramics we worked on Rosh Chodesh plates, in archery we aimed for the bullseye, in low ropes we practiced teamwork, and in bishul bachutz (outdoor cooking) we made s’mores. A highlight of the week was making our own Shabbat candles at our Oneg Shabbat. In shiur campers enjoyed learning about heroines in the Torah. Please click here to join our Tzeirim Parents Group 2021 Facebook group if you have not already done so. We wish you all a Shabbat Shalom from Tzeirim!



Welcome to all of our Nevonim second session campers! This week we focused on the Amidah blessings and shared what we are thankful for. Chanichim loved Yom Tzeva (Color Day) where we created a beautiful parochet (special tablecloth for Torah reading), played ice breakers and learned all about the colors in Hebrew. Ask your camper about Yom Tzeva. In drama campers learned about conducting interviews, in ceramics they sculpted Rosh Chodesh plates, and in sports they loved playing gaga. In shiur we discussed heroines in the Torah including Esther, Ruth and the daughters of Zelophehad. Please click here to be part of our Nevonim Parents Group 2021 Facebook group. The Nevonim tzevet wish you a Shabbat Shalom.

Chalutzim & Bogrim

Chalutzim and Bogrim are so happy to welcome our second session campers! We enjoyed getting to know one another better through our pod team-building activities. Our musical tefillah time with Amichai this week was inspiring. Sports favorites of the week include soccer, softball and gaga. Campers had fun making s’mores in bishul bachutz (outdoor cooking) and chocolate apple muffins in bishul (cooking). In shiur our mini unit was “Eilat of Fun” where we played extreme Jeopardy! and conducted a mock Knesset. Please click here to be part of our Chalutzim Bogrim Parents Group 2021 Facebook group. Shabbat Shalom!



Sha’ar’s fifth week of camp was incredible! On Wednesday chanichim enjoyed Sha’aria, a daylong celebration of Sha’ar and this year’s theme, Sha’ar B’Ya’ar (Sha’ar in the Forest). This yom meyuchad (special day) started with a Sha’ar-wide hatzega (play) with shirim shel chayot v’ya’ar (songs about animals and the forest), performed by the Sha’ar madrichim. After this exciting and fun show, chanichim went on to participate in special peulot (activities) by pod. Each edah dressed up as different animals: Kochavim were kofim (monkeys), Shorashim were parparim (butterflies), Nitzanim were tzavim (turtles) and pilim (elephants), Solelim were parparim and tziporim (birds), and Tzeirim were zebrot (zebras). Each camp activity that chanichim participated in also followed the theme of the day. In omanut (art) chanichim made tziurim shel medurot (drawings of campfires), in bishul (cooking) they made gavi’im im perot v’chocolat (ice cream cones filled with fruit and chocolate), in bishul bachutz (outdoor cooking) they made smores (s’mores!), in teva (nature) they built a machaseh (shelter) out of sticks and other things they found in nature, and at low ropes they had so much fun doing a chapes et ha’matmon (scavenger hunt) with special prizes. In order to help them explore in the forest, each Kochavim and Shorashim camper got a zechuchit magdelet (magnifying glass). Solelim and Tzeirim built ohelim (tents) and received panasim (flashlights) and pretended to go camping. It was truly a moosh (awesome) day! Wishing everyone a Shabbat Shalom!